Big Girl supersizes egg

21:59, Jan 03 2014
tdn chicken egg
MOTHER HEN: Rob Booth with Big Girl the chook, who laid the super egg.

A big chicken has laid an unusually big egg - which hatched another surprise.

Rob Booth discovered the super egg in his New Plymouth backyard coop, and immediately thought his chook "Big Girl" had outdone herself.

And when he cracked open the egg a few days later, he discovered it held more than he had originally thought.

tdn chicken egg
GOLDEN EGG: The large egg, top, was the size of a palm and contained another fully shelled egg.

Inside was another egg, shell and all.

"I've never heard of it happening. I've spoken to a few people who have got chooks and they've never heard of it either," he said.

Mr Booth's wife Carole said, "The big eggs she lays are about size nine but this thing was like a 12."


The couple had kept the super-size egg on the kitchen bench before deciding one night to crack it open to accompany their dinner of cold meat and veges.

When the second egg hit the pan, Mr Booth immediately reached for his phone to snap a picture of it.

"Carole was annoyed because I cracked it open when she was sitting watching TV. She would have got the camera out and videoed it."

The couple suspect the giant egg was formed while Big Girl waited for her three broody coop-mates to lay their eggs.

"They won't lay anywhere but their nest. What we think happened is she just held on to her egg and then laid another one around it," Mrs Booth said.

And the taste verdict?

"It was a nice tasting fresh egg," Mr Booth said.

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