Poo cake in bad taste, says shocked sister

20:44, Jan 05 2014
Poo-shaped cake
CHOCOLATE LOG: The cake sent to a client by Oh Cakes owner Emma McDonald. The wording on the sign has been partially blurred by Fairfax Media.

An Invercargill woman who received a "s..t cake" at her engagement party says the entire situation has caused her anxiety and embarrassment.

Micaela Harris already had an engagement cake but said her sister was nice enough to organise an extra cake for the December party.

However, there had been a disagreement between the Riverton cake maker, Emma McDonald and Harris' sister, who had ordered the cake.

McDonald, the Oh Cakes owner, subsequently sent the poo cake and a card that read: "Eat s..t".

McDonald's actions in sending the cake have gained widespread attention, with social media users posting hundreds of comments online, some in support and others against.

McDonald claimed on her Facebook page the client had not given her any idea what sort of cake she wanted with her $30 voucher, except that it should be chocolate.


Harris said the cake arrived at her party in "magnificent wrapping" but she was embarrassed when she opened it.

Her nieces had been delighted at helping out with organising an extra cake but were "so upset".

The cake was opened in front of more than 100 guests who could not quite believe what they saw, she said.

Guests commented that it would have made a funny birthday cake, but it was a "weird" engagement cake.

"It was a weird situation . . . At the time my sister didn't even know what was going on," she said.

However, it was not until she saw McDonald's Facebook comments that she realised it was more vicious than she thought. She was upset her engagement party had been targeted and said McDonald had gone too far with her "silly decision".

But Harris had not let the cake ruin her engagement party, and said the disagreement had nothing to do with her.

"I think it was taken too far. As a business owner you come across customers you don't like but you have got to take the highs and the lows, got to suck it up."

She was confused why McDonald had continued to repost the media stories on her Facebook page. "You would think she would want it to go away," Ms Harris said.

Ms McDonald refused to comment yesterday. But on Saturday she said on Facebook the story had gone "viral" and had brought business opportunities her way.

"What a day phone calls emails texts from all over the world today . . . Really gotten (sic) out of hand. Nothing really negative that I've seen apart from a few who didn't read and understand it properly.

"Seems to be popping up everywhere . . . business opportunities have been thrown my way as well . . . viral much? seems to be everywhere".

After The Southland Times ran the story on Saturday, she was quoted in the Herald on Sunday saying she had no regrets.

"I feel she got what she deserved," she said.

"I don't make cakes as a business. It is just a hobby and I'm taking it all with good humour."

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