Secrecy over talk of Bain wedding

BRIDE TO BE: Liz Davies
BRIDE TO BE: Liz Davies

David Bain's supporters are tight-lipped over suggestions he is about to marry.

The former Dunedin student - acquitted of killing five members of his family - proposed to his Christchurch girlfriend Liz Davies in September 2012.

Since then, details of the couple's nuptials have been a closely-guarded secret with guests sworn to secrecy, but in recent days there has been talk the pair are set to tie the knot.

TO MARRY?: David Bain
TO MARRY?: David Bain

Bain was spotted wearing shorts and jandals at the couple's home in Casebrook yesterday, along with an entourage of other people. Streamers were tied to their letterbox.

A man at the home later declined to comment about the wedding.

The bride-to-be's mother, Carolyn Davies, refused to talk about her daughter's wedding.

"It's none of your business," she said.

Long-time supporter Joe Karam was in Auckland when contacted by The Press yesterday. He did not confirm or deny Bain's nuptials were imminent.

"David's engaged to be married. I know him and his future wife very well. I'm very pleased for them.

"I'm looking forward to their wedding but as to the details, they've asked me to keep them private."

Karam did not agree with the couple's plans to keep details of the ceremony a mystery "because I knew people would find out".

He said he would not be the best man at the wedding.

The Press has previously reported that Liz Davies, a primary school teacher at Cotswold School in Bishopdale, made no secret of her engagement to Bain and proudly displayed her ring to colleagues. He had accompanied her to staff parties and social gatherings.

Bain was imprisoned in 1994 for 13 years after being convicted of killing his parents and three siblings. His supporters have always claimed it was his father who committed the crime.

Bain's conviction was quashed by the Privy Council in 2007. When he was retried in 2009 he was found not guilty.

Bain has applied for compensation for wrongful imprisonment with estimates suggesting he could be in line for a $2 million payout if successful.

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