Wallets full of cash handed in

Police come across the worst of deeds, but a senior Hamilton police officer sees his share of good ones as well.

The Hamilton Area Commander, Inspector Greg Nicholls, has commended the actions of three people that show the kind of moral fibre that exists in Waikato communities.

A postie doing a round in the city centre spied a cash-filled black leather purse in Hood St and took it straight to Hamilton Police Station on December 19.

"The purse had $146 in it but no ID, but we were able to return it to its grateful owner who reported it missing," Mr Nicholls said.

Another heart-warming scenario unfolded when a Hamilton driver noticed something fly off the vehicle in front as it crossed a bridge in Whangamata on Thursday.

"The person stopped his car and gathered up the object, which turned out to be a wallet and $200 to $300 in cash and take it to police."

Mr Nicholls said the owner of the wallet had inadvertently jammed it under a surfboard as he was tying it on to the roof of his car and while driving along the vibrations dislodged it.

"He was just on the other side of town, heading home to Hawke's Bay when police called to say his wallet had been found and he was very appreciative when he met the person who had handed it in."

On Saturday a Frankton woman found a purse on the ground on the corner of Tuhikaramea and Whatawhata roads containing bank cards and more than $420 in cash. She handed it in to police on Sunday.

Mr Nicholls said officers were able to return the purse to its grateful owner that evening.

"Too often we focus on a lot of bad things that happen and lose sight of the fact there are a lot of positives going on around us every day," Mr Nicholls said.

"The actions of good samaritans in each case is to be commended and we hope that this goodwill is set to continue."

Waikato Times