Determined to clothe 60,000 babies in love

19:12, Jan 09 2014
Precious Children
Andrea Albany cuddles her grandson Nico Sutherland Ngeru, 6 months.

Andrea Albany has been reduced to tears by the flood of support for her one-woman campaign to look after New Zealand's babies.

She has been humbled by offers of finance, assistance, support and interest in her "Precious Children" project.

She has a dream to clothe every newborn child in a bodysuit with an anti-abuse message.

Albany said she intended to sell her home to raise the capital to print children's clothing with the message "Precious, rare and unique, therefore to be treated with care".

She has touched the heart of many Kiwis.

"Probably the most humbling thing out of everything that's happened is an email I got from a woman that had six children," she said.


"It mentioned that she was incredibly excited about what I was doing for New Zealand babies, and that she couldn't give a lot but she was making a donation.

"I was blown away that out of the little she has, she was prepared to give a little."

Albany has received many personal messages, along with donations to help the project build.

"We've had lots of inquiries from people wanting to buy the T-shirt from newborn up to six months old and adult [sizes], so that's something we're looking into at the moment," she said.

The opportunity to sell the product would allow the vision to become more self-sufficient.

"All the money that is made from the profit of those T-shirts when we get that up and running will go back into funding the vision and getting them on to every newborn baby."

Albany has calculated the project needs about $372,000 to get off the ground.

It would see a free bodysuit distributed to each new family not long after the birth of their baby.

Albany is working on setting up a charitable trust, a website and gaining sponsorship and has teamed up with community-focused group Rotary to help the project gain traction.

While she works to do that, Rotary will take donations on behalf of Precious Children. They can be deposited into the Rotary bank account 15-3950-0613867-00 using the reference "precious."

You can contact Albany at or

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