Drunk boy's dad irked by police

19:35, Jan 11 2014
A young boy was filmed apparently drunk after consuming a lot of alcohol. The video has been digitally altered.

The father of the nine-year-old Hamilton boy caught on video drunk at a skatepark says police have made no contact with him over their investigation and he plans to lodge an official complaint about their behaviour.

The father, who is in a custody dispute with his former partner over the boy and his four siblings, said he was deeply frustrated that he'd had no contact from police investigating the incident, or from Child Youth and Family.

He said he knew the identity of the person - a family member - who had supplied the alcohol to the boy, so assumed police did too.

"I want to know why there has been no arrest when they have got the name of the person that gave him the alcohol," the man told the Sunday Star-Times. "If I know who it is they should know who it is.

"Nobody has got in touch with me, not CYFS, not even the police - they have not even told me a thing. I reckon it is their job, their responsibility to tell both parents [of the progress of the investigation], and if they are not going to do their job properly, I am going to take it higher.

"It is really frustrating, I get frustrated every time I think about it. I'd like to ask them why they haven't spoken to me, they know where I am."


The father reiterated his desire to remove all his children from his former partner's custody.

He hasn't seen them since October and said the mother had not allowed him to talk to them on the phone.

"There has been too much publicity on my son and I think I need to get him and his brothers out of that neighbourhood for now. It's really hard that I can't see my boys and I don't know how he is."

A police spokesman said they had no comment to make on the father's complaints and would not say if arrests had been made, but said: "If we do lay any charges of any sort we would make it known. If there are any developments, because of the public interest we would provide an update."

Sunday Star Times