Convicted killer in Bain wedding party

A member of David Bain's wedding party is a convicted murderer on parole who raped and then cut his former girlfriend's neck one month before the 1994 Bain family killings.

Paul Russell Wilson killed Kimberly Schroder in Hokitika in May 1994.

He entered her flat and tied up her male flatmate before raping and killing Schroder, who was 21.

Wilson, then 31, was convicted of her murder at a 1995 jury trial. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a 15-year non-parole period, later reduced to 13 years.

Bain married fiancee Liz Davies in Christchurch on Friday afternoon with long-time champion Joe Karam's sons serving as groomsman and best man. Wilson was "loosely" associated with the groom's party, Karam confirmed to The Press.

Karam said most of the friends that Bain made in prison left during his sentence and Wilson was the only one that "went the distance".

Bain, a former Dunedin student, was convicted in 1995 of murdering his parents and three siblings and spent 13 years in jail before he was acquitted after a 2009 retrial. He is waiting to hear if he will be awarded compensation from the Government.

Bain met Wilson while serving time in Paparua Prison, now called Christchurch Men's Prison.

On Waitangi Day, 2003, the mother of the bride, Carolyn Davies, a long-time Bain supporter, took her husband and her daughter, then 23, to spend a family day at Paparua with Bain and his best inmate friend who was referred to as "Larry".

"Larry" was Paul Wilson.

After serving time in Paparua's East Wing, one of the prison's toughest blocks, where he was badly beaten at least once, Bain moved into the Tirohanga Paeroa unit, or TP huts.

It was there he and Wilson became friends.

Wilson was freed in January 2011 to a residential course, for intensive therapy for at least a year. He now works in Christchurch.

Wilson's mother said she had "nothing to do" with her son and "would not have a clue" about the wedding. His sister hung up when contacted.

Karam said the wedding was a "beautiful day" involving lots of dancing and was a "feather in the cap" for Bain after his saga.

He said it was a proud moment and to have about 15 members of the Bain family present added to the occasion.

A 2010 Parole Board report said Kimberly Schroder's family "continue to grieve for the tragic loss of their much-loved family member and friend, and the horrendous circumstances of her death. They believe that a sentence of life imprisonment should mean just that, and oppose his release".

Wilson's behaviour while in jail was said to be exemplary, and faultless while on escorted shopping and work outings. The board said Wilson had "assured us that he is deeply sorry for what he did and the pain that he caused".

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