Tropical cyclone heading to NZ

20:25, Jan 17 2014
MOVING IN: Graphic showing Cyclone June's projected path.

A tropical cyclone is heading straight toward New Zealand, weather services report.

Cyclone June formed overnight north west of New Caledonia in the Coral Sea.

At this stage it is a category one cyclone and is projected to reach Northland around January 20-21.

The US military's Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Hawaii says June is tracking south-southeastward in a weather system that will steadily drive it "poleward towards New Zealand."

They say it will further consolidate and intensify through the next 36 hours as sea surface temperatures will allow it to speed up.

New Zealand's Meteorology Service has posted a warning to shipping warning them to expect heavy swells and gales.

June began life as a depression two days ago in the Solomon Islands.

It is still giving strong winds over parts of the country.