Refloated whales strand again

07:05, Jan 19 2014
SAD SIGHT: Whales which restranded on Farewell Spit this afternoon.

Forty-eight pilot whales have restranded on Farewell Spit after being refloated earlier today.

The whales began to restrand at Triangle Flat at 4.30pm, several hours after initially being refloated by DOC rangers, Project Jonah volunteers and members of the public.

The stranded whales will be cared for by around 40 volunteers, but it is considered unsafe to attempt to refloat them in darkness.

stranded whales
SAD SIGHT: Whales stranded on Farewell Spit early this morning.

It is hoped that the whales will refloat with the incoming tide.

DoC reported earlier most were swimming in deeper water towards the other side of Golden Bay and it was hoped that they would continue further out into the bay.

They were being monitored by the Tasman District Council harbourmaster.