Refloated whales swimming away

03:57, Jan 21 2014
Project Jonah volunteers refloat whales off Farewell Spit on Saturday.

The 45 pilot whales refloated in Golden Bay yesterday have been sighted swimming in deeper water this afternoon, a Department of Conservation spokeswoman says.

A pod of 46 pilot whales was refloated at Puponga about midday yesterday and the whales were milling off Farewell Spit yesterday afternoon.

One dead whale was found on Farewell Spit this morning.

A pod of pilot whales were sighted about 2 kilometres offshore this afternoon, suggesting the whales had successfully made their way into deeper water, a Department of Conservation spokeswoman said.

The sighting around the other side of Golden Bay from Farewell Spit, off Pohara, was "really good news", she said.

About 62 whales stranded early on Saturday morning and again on Sunday after being refloated.

Some died in stressful conditions and others were put down.


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