Outcasts appeal red-zoning decision

The Quake Outcasts have sought leave to appeal to the Supreme Court.

In August, the 68-strong group and Fowler Developments Ltd won a judicial review of the Government's offer to buy uninsured properties and empty sections at 50 per cent of the land valuation.

High Court Justice Graham Panckhurst ruled the offer was unlawful and should be revised.

The Court of Appeal backed that ruling, but overturned a finding that the red-zoning process was unlawful.

The group's lawyer, Grant Cameron, yesterday filed an application to appeal that decision.

"We have had to do that because the Crown has done nothing at all to deal with issues facing our group or any of the others affected," he said.

Outcasts spokesman Ernest Tsao said the application was a move to protect their legal position.

The group had no option because the Government was "dragging its feet" in not offering an alternate offer, he said.

"It's gone on long enough . . . it's been two and a half years and the mental toll and emotional trauma that the Government has inflicted on every one of us is incalculable. It's inhuman."

All he wanted was the "right decision" to be made by the Government.

"The right decision would be to give people option to sell at 100 per cent of the capital value - the same as everybody else."

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee did not want to comment yesterday.

His spokesman said the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority was preparing legal advice.

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