Mum to be sentenced on drink-driving charge

03:04, Jan 23 2014

An Auckland woman who allegedly drove her two young children around while four times over the drink-drive limit will be sentenced next month.

Kylie Antunovich, 29, was stopped by police at 6.30pm on December 30 after they received a call on the *555 line from a man who was following a car driving erratically along the Coatesville Riverhead Highway on Auckland's North Shore.

She appeared in Auckland District Court this afternoon entering an intimated guilty plea.

Her lawyer told community magistrate Rebecca Ewert his client would spend the time before sentencing in a rehabilitative facility.

The motorist reported Antunovich's car was heading towards Albany and was swerving into other lanes and driving off the shoulder of the road.

It's alleged the car pulled into the driveway of a residential address as police arrived.

Antunovich was breath tested and the alleged result was a level of 1568mcg of alcohol per litre of breath - nearly four times the legal limit.

Waitemata Police Road Policing Manager Inspector Mark Fergus praised the actions of the public.

"It's incredibly frustrating for Police when anyone drinks alcohol and then drives, but it's even more gut wrenching when we see breath alcohol recordings as high as this, and we can only thank the man who saw the car being driven erratically and phoned us. We need to get these people off our roads" he said.


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