Boy's doodle goes completely Google

A Kiwi-themed doodle adorning Google screens today was the creation of a Christchurch boy who loves his new country.

Deyvi Wilton, 12, has been waiting for this day since he won the national Doodle 4 Google competition through his school - Papanui Primary - in November last year.

As a 4-year-old Deyvi was rescued from walking the streets of Bolivia alone, and he formed a bond with Hayley Wilton who was able to adopt him and finally bring him home to Christchurch seven years later, in June.

Despite his rural orphanage not having computers, Deyvi is excelling at school and is proud to have his artwork decorate the most-used internet search engine.

He said yesterday he was "feeling excited" about the country seeing the design.

It includes the new red bicycle he got for his birthday, an artistic "g" made up of kiwis and his interpretation of the outdoorsy New Zealand he has grown to love.

Mum Hayley Wilton predicted Deyvi, who also received a Chromebook from Google, would be going around the street telling his friends to jump online today.

"I'm sure he will be up early tomorrow morning just to see it."

Papanui Primary received a $10,000 technology grant as part of the prize, but Deyvi starts Casebrook Intermediate this year.

He had been riding the bike that features in the drawing all holidays in preparation for commuting to school on it.

A Google spokesman said: "All of the final doodles were wonderful in their own way.

"But Deyvi's drawing stuck out for its sweetness and simplicity," he said.

"We often think about exploring as something reserved for an elite class of specialists and professionals, but Deyvi reminds us that we can all explore the beauty around us every day."

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