High just too much temptation

16:00, Jan 26 2014

A New Plymouth man got hooked on artificial cannabis when he was packaging it for Guru Gardener, the court has heard.

Jonathan Bruce Willan, 38, was last week sentenced after he earlier pleaded guilty to burgling his former employer, taking 400 2.5gm packets of the drug.

He explained to police when arrested he had been on a bender.

In the New Plymouth District Court, Judge Allan Roberts said Willan, who had a significant history of drug abuse, graduated from the drug rehabilitation programme at Capri Clinic last year.

In giving Willan his last opportunity, the judge noted Willan had a supportive family and would work and reinstate the $5175 reparation at $75 a week.

Willan was sentenced to 9 months' supervision and ordered to attend a drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme.


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