Summer weather blowing in

03:38, Jan 28 2014

Weather forecasters have dug some sunshine symbols out of their 2013 cupboard, and are predicting a week of barbecues and sunglasses across the country.

MetService forecaster Dan Corbett said it was only last weekend when we got the first good-sized high, with the Christmas and New Year period dominated by southern lows.

"The big thing for us around Christmas and New Year's, it was yucky, we had a couple of southern lows and then we got into what we call the westerlies, which were lots of troughs or weather systems and all the highs that bring you the three or four days of nice weather were over Australia or the Tasman Sea.

"And a lot of them came halfway across the Tasman then fizzled, or they just didn't come to New Zealand so we got a lot of weather systems but no fine spells."

Some places in the South Island, including Invercargill and Dunedin, had had a particularly rough time of it recently, Corbett said.

"They've been a couple of degrees cooler on their mean, and I think Invercargill has barely managed 20 degrees [Celsius] more than five times through the entire month of January."


Wellington had had a "patchy" summer so far, with sunny days marred by cool southwesterlies, Corbett said.

"We get our fair share here [in Wellington] too and that's why our summer so far has felt a bit patchy, we've felt the brunt of it.

"But now with these highs moving in we can resume what is a normal summer where you get two or three days of fine like this, then a couple of fronts to move through and bring a bit of rain, then maybe another high.

"A nice mix of weather patterns instead of just rainmakers like we saw, well, since Christmas really."

Places that had done well in the southwesterlies were the Coromandel, Hawke's Bay, and Gisborne.

"They've been warmer, they've been drier, and they've done pretty well."

The next few days bring a front up the country starting later tomorrow, Corbett said.

"So places like Invercargill, Dunedin, Christchurch, and maybe parts of the Wairarapa see a few showers.

"We will barely even notice it here in Wellington if you can believe it, because it's pretty weak and it's fizzling as opposed to coming in with all sorts of guns blazing and a freight train just barrelling through."

The high would build back after the front moved through, and would likely bring a bit of cloud and possibly a spot of rain to Wellington on Friday.

"If you look at the Wellington forecast for instance for the coming week, everyone has probably done a double take.

"It's a good looking day tomorrow, the northerly comes back but it's nothing too nasty, and we just have that weak front to flick through to give us back a southerly and there might just be a bit more cloud on Friday - so that's when the weak front goes by Wellington.

"There might be a spot of rain, but it won't be much, so it's more of the general dry trend."

The high building after the front would bring a fine weekend, and through to mid or late next week would be dry, Corbett said.

"Then there will be another front with a bit more meat on it, but certainly through the weekend, and into the first part of next week it looks lovely.

"It will be barbecue and sunglasses time, so get them ready.

"It was the joke a couple of weeks ago mother nature didn't receive her 2014 calendar in time. I think she's finally got it, and she's flicked to January 2014."