Men sucked over waterfall

19:44, Feb 03 2014
Maruia falls
HUNT: The Nelson Marlborough Rescue helicopter helped in the search at Maruia Falls.

One man is in hospital and another missing after they were sucked over a waterfall in the Tasman region, near Nelson, tonight.

The Nelson Marlborough Rescue helicopter said its team was called to the incident at 7.20pm, at the Maruia Falls south of Murchison, to a report of two men falling off the falls.

One of the men, a 55-year-old from Christchurch had already been rescued from the water.

The man had been swimming in a pool above the falls and was sucked down one of the chutes and over the falls.

As a second man was still missing in the water, the helicopter assisted police by conducting an aerial search of the falls and the pool below.

It hovered and used the downdraft from its rotor to move river debris to try to locate the missing man among it but he was not found.

 Police say a search is continuing tonight.

 The first man was taken to Nelson Hospital with “moderate” injuries.


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