Shark attacks Southland surfer

A surfer has suffered three shark bites to his leg in an attack in a Southland bay.

The surfer, 28, was on his board about 50m out from Porpoise Bay Beach, near Curio Bay, last night when the attack happened, police said.

The alarm was raised about 8:30pm, and a St John spokeswoman said a road ambulance and a helicopter were sent to the remote spot.

The man was bitten from his thigh to his calf and there was "lots of blood", a police spokesman said.

A St John spokeswoman said the man had deep lacerations to his leg but was transported to Invercargill Hospital in a stable condition.

The Department of Conservation have been notified, and notices are being put up at Porpoise Bay to warn people of the attack and advise them not to swim there until further notice. 

Two weeks ago Invercargill doctor James Grant was also attacked by a shark in Southland's Garden Bay.

He fought off what was believed to be a sevengill shark, and stitched himself up before his friends took him to hospital.

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