Group targets Timaru for white recruits

A white-supremacist group is again distributing pamphlets and recruiting in Timaru.

Right Wing Resistance, led by former New Zealand National Front director Kyle Chapman, has posted notes on vehicles in the Waimataitai area.

Chapman's group gained attention in Timaru in 2011 when pamphlets were posted in mail boxes around Waimataitai urging people to "Stop The Asian Invasion" and "Join the Resistance".

This time the pamphlets have been labelled "White Pride World Wide" and call on people to join the WPWW for its five-year anniversary march in Christchurch on March 22.

"Help us stop anti-white racism; we shall not bow! We shall stand tall, we built Western civilisation, now we must defend it," the pamphlet exclaims.

"Join the fight against Left-wing brainwashing and the hypocrisy they spew out against any white recognition."

The pamphlets include a cellphone number, email and web address.

Chapman said some of the group's most active members were in South Canterbury.

When contacted by The Herald yesterday, he would not talk numbers but said the group was recruiting people in the region.

"We are just getting ready for our white-pride day; we've always had people in Timaru.

"For us it's the same message as stopping the Asian invasion; for us it's about fighting hypocrisy."

He said more fliers would be delivered in coming weeks.

"We are obviously recruiting people, the fliers are the main tool for recruiting them."

The Aoraki Multicultural Council said it was "saddened to learn of the distribution of white-pride pamphlets in our region".

No-one from the group wanted to be named for fear of reprisal.

"We understand that every New Zealander has the precious right of the freedom of speech," it said. "However, our strong and growing multicultural group in South Canterbury is positive that our region will continue to flourish as we embrace racial diversity, not only economically but in everyday life as a deeper tolerance and understanding of different races and values continues to happen.

"As in a well-planned, productive and beautiful garden, if we were to grow just one plant type of the same colour it would not compare to the beauty and attraction of different sizes, forms, perfumes and colours growing in harmony as is intended."

Sergeant Geoff McCrostie said Timaru did not have any white-pride members of any substance.

"There might be one or two enthusiasts but I don't know who they would be; they are of no concern to the Timaru police."

Chapman has courted controversy through his affiliations to skinhead groups and plans to create a European-only "protected community" in North Canterbury.

In 2004, he unsuccessfully contested the Christchurch mayoralty.

The Timaru Herald