Armed police swarm Christchurch street

22:31, Feb 12 2014
AOS at Cumner Tce
AOS CALLOUT: Armed police convene outside Cumnor Tce.

Armed police have raided a Christchurch home after a man allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and then stood in the middle of the road yelling that he had a gun.

However, they have found no trace of the man, aged in his 40s, who is believed to have fled the scene in Cumnor Tce, Woolston, on a brown mountain bike.

Sergeant Vaughan Kyne said police were called after reports of a domestic incident at the home about 8.30am today.

A lot of yelling and screaming was heard at the property throughout the night before the situation escalated and a woman ran to neighbours claiming she had been assaulted by her partner.

Residents in the street had reported the man chased after her before he stood on the road claiming to have a gun, Kyne said.

Dozens of police, including members of the armed offenders squad, converged on the property and blocked off the street but they could not find him.


Police were continuing their search for the man, who was well known to them. They would be in the area for some time.

Kyne confirmed police had been called to the home before.

The alleged gunman was described as bald, of medium build, 1.75 m tall, wearing a sweatshirt with black and white hoops on it. He also had with him a black backpack with patches of bright orange on it.

Emma Willis, 39, a resident on Chichester St, said the situation was "deja vu" for her as she had been "holed up" during the 2009 Napier siege, in which Jan Molenaar fired on police officers from his house over a two-day period.

"We lived one street over from Jan Molenaar," Willis said.

"I'm just like, 'no way, not again'."

Willis said a lot of streets in the area were blocked off including the end of Chichester St, where it meets Cumnor Tce.

"There are lots of cops around. It's pretty full on," she said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Christchurch police on (03) 3637400

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