Group rescued from dinghy in rough seas

Four children and an adult had to be rescued near Golden Bay today after the small aluminium dinghy they were on got stuck in rough seas.

The group were rescued off the coast of Parapara in Golden Bay this afternoon after a family member raised the alarm when they failed to return when expected.

Constable Bruce Telford, of Takaka police, said the group were setting a long line 150 metres offshore when their engine failed about 1pm.

An anchor was put down, but strong winds dragged the boat about 3.5km further out to sea.

Mussell boats working in the area assisted a rescue helicopter crew and an aircraft from Golden Bay Air in the search for the group.

The dingy was spotted by crew onboard the Stray Cat mussel boat and the rescue helicopter.

The group were then helped onto the mussel boat and taken to Port Tarakohe.

Telford said the group, who were holidaying in Golden Bay, were "very relieved" to be picked up. 

The Press