Potential world-beating tuna caught

MONSTER FISH: Donna Pascoe with the tuna she caught today.
MONSTER FISH: Donna Pascoe with the tuna she caught today.

An Auckland woman has caught a potentially world record sized Pacific bluefin tuna today.

Donna Pascoe had a nearly five-hour struggle to land the 411kg bluefin (Thunnus orientalis), fishing off a charter boat, Gladator, out of Houhora in the far north.

The catch board on the wharf records says she was using a 60kg line.

Pascoe's Facebook suggests she is something of a skilled angler having last year taken and landed a couple of blue marlin, one weighing in at 243.5kg.

Any record claim has to be certified by the International Game Fish Association.

It is currently working on verifying what was to have been a world record Pacific bluefin catch of 352.5kg caught by angler Kevin Baker off Greymouth last September. Baker had wanted to tag and release but when they realised the size of the catch, they landed it.

The previous record was 332kg, although far bigger but uncertified bluefin qwew caught in earlier times.

The Royal Forest and Bird best fish guide gives a red "worst choice" sticker for Pacific bluefin.

"Pacific bluefin tuna is a very large, highly migratory species that can move thousands of kilometres in a year," they say.

Recreationally caught bluefin is prohibited from commercial sale.

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