Bitter-sweet end to school camp

03:53, Feb 25 2014

School camp ended early for one five-year-old this week, but she did get a ride in a helicopter out of it.

The girl was on a school trip to Living Springs, a popular campground near Governors Bay, when pre-bed playtime yesterday turned into a hospital trip.

Living Springs CEO Denis Aldridge said the children, who had just arrived that day, were in their bunk room when the girl fell off a bunk and hit her head, possibly during a game of tag.

A call for an ambulance led to a rescue helicopter being sent out to pick the girl up about 8pm last night and she was taken to hospital with suspected head and neck injuries.

But a Canterbury District Health Board spokeswoman said the girl had been discharged from Christchurch Hospital this morning.

Aldridge said it was a case of "kids being kids" and the paramedics were just making sure everything was okay.

"They had only come in yesterday," he said. "They were probably a bit excited."

While the girl may have been disappointed to leave camp on the first day, there was another bonus, Aldridge said.

"It's not every camp you get to ride in a helicopter."


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