Urewera raids compo bid launched

19:35, Mar 02 2014

Six people connected to the Urewera "terror raids" case have launched a compensation bid for alleged breaches of the Bill of Rights Act.

Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara and five members of the Lambert family, whose Auckland house was raided, filed a suit against the Crown in the High Court at Auckland last month alleging unlawful search and seizure.

Tuhoe Lambert was among the 18 originally charged over military-style camps in the Urewera Ranges but he died before the trial could start. His son Neuton Lambert was named in court papers as one of the plaintiffs.

The group is reportedly claiming $100,000 each.

Their lawyer, Charl Hirschfeld, said the Lambert family ranged in ages from a young person to an elderly woman and included a sister-in-law who was at the house when it was raided by police.

The raids took place on October 15, 2007. Four people arrested in the raids were eventually convicted of firearms charges.

At the time, Neuton Lambert described the raids saying he and his girlfriend were in a sleepout when armed police surrounded it with dogs and spotlights.

The family was made to line up on their knees on the ground with their hands behind their heads.

He said the raids were "completely overdone".