Homeowners to take EQC to court

01:25, Mar 07 2014

More than 120 fed-up homeowners will take the Earthquake Commission to court over its handling of Canterbury's rebuild.

Law firm Anthony Harper last year began signing up homeowners who wanted to hold EQC to account under the Earthquake Commission Act.

Anthony Harper partner Peter Woods today confirmed more than 120 households had committed to a group action, giving the firm enough numbers to proceed with the case.

"We'll start working on the formal proceedings now," he said.

The firm aimed to file the case with the High Court within eight weeks.

"We would like to have more people because that will share the costs," Woods said.


"It's not too late - people could continue to join for probably the next month, in fact we had more people sign up today."

Concerns included the amount of money EQC was offering as settlements and the work it planned to undertake.

Participants hoped the High Court would issue a declaratory judgement confirming the repair standards the commission was required to meet.

EQC's scorecard (from EQC website, March 5)

Total claims received: 468,775

Total claims closed: 158,819

Home repairs:

Full repairs done: 51,552

Full repairs to do: 21,701

Emergency repairs done: 47,391

Heating units installed: 18,740

Home repairs for the vulnerable: 5,228

Total paid out by EQC: $6.9 billion

Total estimated amount: $12 billion

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