Anti-racism group take on white supremacists

00:55, Mar 22 2014
anti-racism rally
RIGHT WING RESISTED: An anti-racism rally was organised to confront members of the Right Wing Resistance and National Front white supremacy groups in Christchurch today.

White supremacists clashed with anti-racism protesters in central city Christchurch today.

Police were present to separate the two groups as they exchanged chants.

The white supremacist group featured members of Right Wing Resistance and the National Front. It was led by Kyle Chapman.

Chapman said it was the fifth such march and that it was about showing how "society is full of hypocrisy" and "full of white racism".

It was the first time they had marched in the central city since the earthquake.

Anti-racist activist James Dann said it was important to show that the white supremacists were not unopposed.

"It's heartening to see young people come out and decide this is what they want to. Christchurch had an unjustified reputation for being white and racist but this shows there is opposition here."

Protesters yelled slogans like: "Refugees are welcome racists are not."


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