Couple annoyed at quality of repairs

16:00, Mar 23 2014
Dawn Spencer
FED UP: Dawn Spencer says the repairs to her home are not completed and her complaints are being ignored. 

Dawn Spencer was happy to wait. She knew her Southshore property was not among the most badly damaged by the February earthquake.

If it took five years to get her repairs that would be OK.

So it was a surprise to her that two years later the Earthquake Commission and Fletcher EQR had her repairs completed, or so they said.

Spencer told The Press Fletcher contractors arrived last May to begin repairing her home - which had damaged ceilings, walls and outdoor stairs.

The couple moved out for four weeks and in that time Spencer's husband would often find windows and doors open with no workers on site, she said.

The couple claim at one stage the workers had left the house keys outside in plain view.


"They might as well have sent invitations to people to come round and wander round the house," Spencer said.

When the repairs were finished Spencer said it took only a week for paint to start peeling off her ceiling and front steps.

In July she was told to put in a complaint with the project manager. She said she did and was told she would hear back in two weeks. She did not.

In August she spoke to EQR staff who told her that a community liaison officer would call her back.

Instead she received a letter saying that all the work had been completed and if she did not sign off in seven days the file would be automatically closed.

"That is unfair, unjust and bullying - there are people out there who would get into a panic and sign it off and get ripped off because the repairs are not finished," Spencer said.

Then in September, Spencer laid a complaint, with someone advising her that they would get back to her in two days. They never did. The same happened in October and January.

The paint is still outside, left by the contractors.

"It seems they have forgotten about us. I would not have minded if they just told me that they were swamped and would get back to us but there is nothing. No communication. It is very unprofessional. How many people are they doing this to?"

The Press approached EQC for comment who then referred the matter to Fletcher EQR.

A Fletcher EQR spokesman said EQC and Fletcher EQR staff visited the home in September 2013 and EQC determined that the issues in her lounge were not related to earthquake damage, and therefore could not be addressed under the Canterbury Home Repair Programme.

Then Fletcher EQR said it was for EQC to comment on.

However, the EQR spokesman said EQR would visit Spencer to discuss the issues with her stairs.

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