Dashing groom makes it on time

MADE IT: Leslie and Kasey Ross enjoy their wedding ceremony despite disruptions caused by traffic gridlock
MADE IT: Leslie and Kasey Ross enjoy their wedding ceremony despite disruptions caused by traffic gridlock

The saying "get me to the church on time" took on a whole new meaning for one groom on Saturday.

Kasey Ross made a mad dash across the Waiwhakaiho Bridge in Taranaki to get to his wedding after a crash closed the road.

Two cars collided on the bridge and one man was taken to Taranaki Base Hospital.

Mr Ross and his best men came down Egmont Rd on their way to the church to find the road blocked and traffic banked up as far as they could see.

The traffic went all the way up the hill to the Ngamotu Golf Course, so they tried to detour through the Valley shopping centre, Mr Ross said.

"But that way was bumper-to-bumper too, so we turned back then shot up to Egmont Rd and came back down Katere Rd."

But the traffic still wasn't moving, so he got out of the car and ran.

"I ran all the way past the accident, across the bridge and ran all the way to Fitzroy. Then a bloke pulled over and gave me a lift to the church. It really didn't hit me until I got there that I was sweating profusely."

On the way he ran past his father and the bride, Leslie Shanholtzer's father, who called to him to get in their car.

But it was important he got to the church, he said. Which he did about 1.55pm. The wedding was due to start at 2pm.

"The whole wedding party was stuck in traffic, but I had to be there to let everyone in and introduce myself. But by time I got there the majority of people were inside."

Meanwhile, the bride was getting ready in a little cabin at the Fitzroy Motor Camp, where she stayed until everyone had made their way through the traffic to the church in Fitzroy.

The situation did bring her to tears, but not because the wedding was held up.

Mrs Ross was touched that her groom had made such an effort.

"He didn't have to run, we would have waited for him."

She had given him Superman cufflinks for a wedding present, which turned out to be fitting, she said.

Mr Ross said the ceremony finally got under way about 2.25pm and everything else went without a hitch.

"It was a fantastic day."

Yesterday he was laughing about his sprint across the bridge.

"It's quite a funny story when I look at it now. It wasn't yesterday."

Last week New Zealand Transport Agency regional highways manager David McGonigal said he expected to put out a tender for work on the Vickers to City roading upgrade, which would include a continuous four-lane highway from Bell Block to Hobson St, in the near future and construction would begin soon after.

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