Auckland has some of the deadliest intersections

03:20, Mar 26 2014

Four of the country's 10 riskiest intersections are in Auckland, including the most dangerous where 50 people were have been injured in a nine year period.

The intersection of Glenbrook and Kingseat Roads, just west of Pukekohe, claimed the top spot after there were 23 crashes at the site between 2003 and 2012. Three people died in those collisions.

The sixth most dangerous spot was 10 minutes down the road where Waiuku Rd meets Attewell Rd, also in Pukekohe.

Associate Transport Minister Michael Woodhouse announced today that New Zealand's riskiest intersections were being targeted for safety improvements.

The list was compiled by NZTA, with input from local authorities, by using guidelines developed last year to provide a nationally consistent method of assessing crash data to identify intersection crash risks.

During the nine-year period of assessment there were 53 deaths and 445 serious injuries recorded at the 100 worst spots.


Number seven on the roll of shame was in Grey Lynn, near central Auckland, where Bullock Track meets Great North Rd and closing out the top 10 was Auckland's notorius Tamaki Drive where it meets Ngapipi Rd.

The two areas were the site of 75 injury crashes between them, including one fatal.

Guidance has also been provided by the Government to road controlling authorities on the most effective ways of improving safety at intersections for all road users.

Woodhouse said 22 of the intersections had already had safety improvements completed, with planning or investigation at various stages for the remaining 78.

"The countermeasures to improve safety will be different for each of these intersections. In some locations the most effective steps to reduce crash risk may be better managing traffic flows or speeds, while for others the best solution will be improved signage or physical changes to the road layout, and for some the answer may be a mix of all of these things."