Couple help rescue distraught woman

Hamilton police are praising the actions of a duo who helped stop a distraught woman jumping off a city bridge overnight.

They also praised people who reported a naked woman on the loose in the Hauraki Plains town of Ngatea.

Police were called to the Victoria Bridge over the Waikato river in central Hamilton about 11pm last night.

Two people saw a woman standing on the railing and engaged her in conversation so she didn't notice the police moving in, Senior Sergeant Kevin Anderson said today.

The police managed to grab the woman and pull her back on to the footpath, Anderson said.

"These people did exactly what police would ask the public to do - if you see something do something," he said.

"In this incident the members of the public rang 111 and intervened, potentially saving the woman's life."

Anderson said the woman was referred to mental health services for assessment.

Concerned members of the public also alerted police to a vulnerable woman reportedly running around naked in Ngatea last night.

Other people then rang 111 about a naked person trying to hitch a ride in the area, Anderson said.

Police found her, returned her home but she was reported missing again about 2am and a new search began.

Two lots of clothing were located on Kaihere Rd beside the Piako River and a police dog and handler as well as search and rescue squad members were called to try and find the woman.

"The dog successfully tracked the distressed woman and she was taken to a place of safety before being taken to mental health specialists for assessment," he said.

"In both incidents overnight police were able to intervene and get vulnerable people the help they needed thanks to the timely reporting of issues by the public.

"In such cases police ask people to do the right thing and ring 111 - you could just save a life."