Hunter survives 30m fall

09:04, Apr 04 2014

A hunter survived a 30-metre drop down a vertical bank this afternoon.

He had been walking in the mountain ranges east of Taupo, having been dropped off by helicopter with a fellow hunter.

While hiking, the ground fell out from beneath his feet. He plunged about 30m and came to rest on a small shelf, suffering suspected spinal and chest injuries.

The Taupo Greenlea Rescue Helicopter was called in to winch the man up and take him to hospital. Pilot Nat Every said it was remarkable the man was still conscious after the fall.

“I don’t know whether that makes him lucky, but he’s lucky to be alive.”

His hunting partner activated a rescue beacon, and managed to climb down to his friend.

The rescue helicopter winched him up with a 30m line, meaning they were roughly in line with the bank he fell from. “He fell an awfully long way,” Every said.

The man was taken to Hastings Hospital, where he is in a stable condition.