Seven million reasons to trust a woman's intuition

A Takaka couple who won more than $7 million with Big Wednesday say it's all thanks to trusting a woman's intuition.

After doing the weekly shopping last week one of the winners had a sudden gut feeling that she should pick up a Big Wednesday ticket.

"As I walked to the car I thought, ‘I should get a Big Wednesday ticket', but I couldn't really be bothered. But as I walked away my intuition told me that I would regret not buying that ticket - so I popped back into the store and grabbed one," said the winner, who wishes to remain anonymous. The couple watched Big Wednesday that night and soon knew they had won a big prize.

"I just started screaming," said the winner. "I fell to my knees and shouted to my husband: ‘We've won!' He grabbed the ticket, took one look and started screaming too."

The winners double checked their numbers against the official results online before getting too excited.

"We jumped online to MyLotto and stared at the computer screen waiting for the results to come up. We were refreshing the page every couple of seconds . . . it was a painful wait."

When their prize was confirmed, the couple say they got so excited that one of them hurt their leg jumping up and down.

They intend to take their family on a holiday, flying business class "because you really have to splash out when you win this big".

"But other than that we're going to be very practical - this win gives us so many opportunities, and we want to make sure it goes the distance. This win really did change our lives in an instant - we're so excited and can't wait to see what the future holds."

The winners bought their ticket from Takaka Fresh Choice.

They won $7m with Big Wednesday first division and $47,042 with Big Wednesday second division.

It is the second time Big Wednesday has been won this year, with a Kaikoura couple winning $8.6m in February. It is the third time in a row that a South Island resident has won Big Wednesday. A Christchurch man won $22.6m in September.

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