Push for new friendship garden

01:30, Apr 11 2014

An Auckland councillor has been appointed as chairwoman for a group planning to re-establish the Fukuoka Friendship Garden, which was demolished in January.

The garden, a gift from Japanese city Fukuoka to Auckland Zoo 25 years ago, was removed to make way for an enclosure for a breeding programme for endangered tasmanian devils.

Mayor Len Brown has apologised to the city for the demolition of the garden.

Councillor Cathy Casey has been confirmed as the chairwoman of the Fukuoka Friendship Garden steering group.

The focus over the next few months would be on the most appropriate location design and management options for the future of the garden, she said.

"It's time for us to move on from the events of the last few months and turn this unfortunate situation into an opportunity for more people to enjoy this special gift from Fukuoka City for many years to come," Casey said.

Options include a reinstatement at the Auckland Zoo site.

The Fukuoka Friendship Garden steering group is made up of three Auckland Council councillors, a member from the Independent Maori Statutory Board and two members of the Friends of Fukuoka Gardens.

A recommendation is expected to the governing body in August.