Hunter missing found in Te Urewera bush

22:54, Apr 11 2014

A hunter missing since Thursday in Te Urewera national park has been found.

Northland man Tom Gordon, 58, was suffering from a broken knee when he was located by a search and rescue team this morning, police said.

He was being treated by a medic and a helicopter was required to extract him from the bush and take him to hospital.

His family had been present at the Bay of Plenty search headquarters since the operation started.

He was one of a group of seven hunters flown into the park, east of Galatea, on Monday and was reported overdue on Thursday afternoon by the rest of his hunting party.
Yesterday a man unrelated to the hunting party contacted police to advise that he had come across Gordon at approximately midday on Thursday.

He was reportedly in good spirits, had food supplies and was approximately 10km south of where the group were camping. 

They had been camping by Kaitawa Stream and he was seen by Pukareao Stream. 

The hunter was given instructions on how to get back to his campsite, which was believed to have helped in him now being found.