Auckland boy missing

11:24, Apr 12 2014
Linkin Kuka
FOUND: Linkin Kuka.

The mother of an epileptic 9-year-old Auckland boy, who has been missing for more than 12 hours, says she is holding it together for the sake of the rest of her children.

April Kuka sat outside her Sunnyvale home today hoping for her son Linkin to return.

At 10am he walked a few minutes down the road to a friend's house but never returned home.

When he did not arrive back by 5.30pm, his family contacted police.

Police confirmed Linkin got to his friend's house on Millbrook Rd but left soon afterwards as they were sick.

Mrs Kuka said he was friendly to everyone he met but his openness had almost become a problem over recent months.


Linkin was diagnosed as epileptic three years ago and though he had not suffered adverse reactions on the rare occasions he missed taking his medication, his mother was incredibly worried. He was due to take his medication at 5pm.

"I'm not sure how he'll react to the lights out there," Mrs Kuka said. "And he's scared of the dark."

Mrs Kuka said she could feel herself breaking down but was determined to hold it together for Linkin's three brothers and one sister.

Linkin is a Maori boy with short, dark hair.

When last seen, he was wearing grey denim shorts, a grey/black t-shirt with a black pocket on the front.

He was also wearing a purple and black coloured baseball cap with "NY" on the front and was carrying a green MGP brand scooter with no wheels.

Police are anxious for Linkin's welfare and eager to return him to his family.

Anyone who sees Linkin or knows where he is should contact police immediately on 111.

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