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Why Stuff looks a little different

10:30pm 16 Dec 2014


Observant readers will notice Stuff's homepage is sporting a new look.

We're getting in shape for summer with a minor makeover. We haven't gone paleo or clocked punishing hours with a personal trainer - this makeover's more like a new haircut and some stylish sunglasses.

Key changes:

* The masthead moves to the top-left of the page.

* Stuff Nation - home to the best content provided by Stuff readers - joins National, Sport, Life & Style and our other top-level sections on a cleaner, simpler navigation bar.

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Aucklanders: Free Stuff alerts on WhatsApp

05:00am 05 Dec 2014

CATHY O'SULLIVAN, AUCKLAND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF's Auckland readers can now sign up to get the day's major news sent directly to their smartphones with a new service using WhatsApp.

Start off the day with everything you need to know about what's going on in Auckland - weather, traffic woes and the biggest stories of the day. 

WhatsApp is one of the fastest growing messaging apps which works across all smartphone platforms, including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.


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Columns removed from Stuff

05:00am 14 Aug 2014

Over the past six months, has run a series of contributed columns by Ganesh Raj on 'crimes against food'.

This morning, an overseas writer named Chloe Jeffreys identified some of their own work within one of Raj's columns. The column was pulled down immediately to allow us to properly investigate the claims.

Those inquiries made it clear there was material in Raj's bylined column that was not his own work; it had been taken from elsewhere and it had not been properly credited.

Further inquiries showed this was not an isolated incident.

This practice isn't acceptable in any way to and it's not of the standard we expect of our writers, either on staff or contributing.

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Aw shucks, thanks for voting for

12:00pm 21 Feb 2014

JANINE FENWICK, DIGITAL COMMUNITIES MANAGER proudly picked up Best News Website at the New Zealand NetGuide Web Awards in Auckland last night.

The award means a lot to us because it's voted for by Kiwis, so we wanted to take a moment to say thanks for choosing us as your favourite news site.

"The award is testament to the hard work and collaboration of staff across all parts of our business," Fairfax group digital and visual editor Mark Stevens said.

"It's that much more special because it's judged by our readers. Putting them first has been our approach and it has paid off."

We were also nominated for Best Overall Site, Best Mobile App and Best Homepage while our entertainment, life and style, and sport sections were up for Best Entertainment Site, Best Lifestyle Site and Best Sports & Recreation Site, respectively. 

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When Stuff hit an iceberg

05:00am 23 Aug 2013


Sometimes, the news business is about avoiding icebergs. Yesterday, we slammed right into one.

To the glee of many, but certainly not us, we were hoaxed. It is deeply embarrassing.

People attempt to hoax news organisations on a regular basis. Whether it be writing fictitious news releases, supplying bogus photos or doctoring them (this callous act happens after every natural disaster) or phoning with news tips that are simply lies.

It is our job to sift the truth from these; yesterday we failed.

Mid afternoon a press release, purporting to be from the Russian petroleum giant Gazprom and Royal Dutch Shell, landed in our Auckland news bureau's inbox.

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