Why Stuff is working with Unicef NZ

We've just launched a partnership with Unicef NZ that we're pleased to be able to tell Stuff readers about.

Unicef NZ has some compelling stories to tell around improving child welfare. We'll be able to help shine a light on those issues - and Unicef will be able to help us with access and resources to tell the stories of children, families and communities afflicted by disaster, poverty, and violence, both around the world and here in New Zealand.

This arrangement - which starts as a trial for six months - won't affect the independence of our journalism. We'll continue to make our editorial decisions based on news merit, and we remain free to criticise Unicef NZ or its activities if that's justified. When we use material supplied by Unicef, it will be clearly credited.

We believe this relationship will allow us to help achieve positive change. We'll also be sharing good news stories about making the world a better place. We'll be inviting our readers to take part in this, particularly by contributing through Stuff Nation.

Our partnership is especially meaningful in a year when the plight of children as refugees has featured so strongly on the news agenda.

And we're delighted to be kicking this off now, just as Unicef NZ executive director Vivien Maidaborn heads to Lebanon to visit refugee camps with All Blacks star Sonny Bill Williams.

We hope you'll find the journalism we intend to produce with Unicef NZ enriches your understanding of the issues facing children.

Syrian refugee children outside a makeshift shelter in an informal settlement in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon in February 2015. Photo: UNICEF