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Last updated 08:00 23/06/2010

The sight of the White Noise boys (and some girls) with their shirts whirring around their heads after the 1-1 draw in Italy stirred something in most of us.

BraHere we were, huddled under blankets in our lounges or shoulder-to-shoulder in overcrowded bars in the early hours, glued to the screen to watch New Zealand football history.

For those of us who couldn't make it to South Africa to cheer on the All Whites, many turned to the online community to support the boys and share our commentary of the game.

Twitter went wild for the All Whites, with topics like "Shane Smeltz", "Winston Reid" and "#NZL" becoming trending topics worldwide.

The world was - and still is - talking about us, the minnows.

The response to Stuff's live commenting through our Facebook and Twitter accounts has been phenomenal.

Who knew so many of you would be awake at such ungodly hours?

But you were, and so were we.

In just three posts on Facebook about the All Whites match against Slovakia, we attracted 623 "likes" and 180 comments.

This was followed on Monday morning with more than 305 "likes" from just one post about the final score against Italy.

After the All Whites' latest success at the unsociable hour of 4am on a Monday, the Facebook site attracted an unprecedented 884 interactions among readers.

We here in the newsroom are just as excited about the All Whites' success as you guys are.

Okay, not as excited as young Tracey in the black bra who features in that photo up there (and who is also auctioning off the bra here), but along with the blurry eyes and constant reaching for more coffee, we have celebrated the success of the All Whites alongside you.

And we couldn't be prouder.

That's why Stuff is calling on all of New Zealand to take part in a "White Out".

You have taken to the internet to show the boys that you're behind them, so let's change our avatars and profile photos to represent this.

Let's white out the streets of the country on Thursday and Friday in support of the All Whites; wear white with pride to work or play.

Similarly to the "Black Out" campaigns in support of our rugby side, let's show how the internet can look when millions of Kiwis mobilise to support our national team.

Simply go here to find the NZ Football logo you can use as your image on Twitter, Facebook or other social networks.

NZ Football has allowed us to use this image - and you to make personal use of it - because they believe in the White Out too.

As much as I hate to do it, I'm gonna quote The Feelers: Let's stand up and be counted.

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dave   #1   09:04 am Jun 23 2010

Yeah, go the All Whites!!!! I don't care about the RWC (though I used to love rugby) 'cause it's all organised around alchohol, profits, and feathering certain nests. I hope NZ crap out in the RWC. But the soccer (football) - good on 'em for doing so well so far, and I wish them all the best.

devin   #2   09:57 am Jun 23 2010 what did the south africans say about kiwi girls...some people should keep there shirts on..

AJ   #3   10:23 am Jun 23 2010

And the football world cup is not organised around alcohol, profits and `feathering certain nests'???? Come on! I want ALL NZ teams to do well, no matter what sport. Go the All Whites, they are awesome, watched both games live and will be again Friday morning. Go the All Blacks too.

JRS   #4   10:35 am Jun 23 2010

Go New Zealand, All Whites baby!!!!

Di   #5   10:40 am Jun 23 2010

Go All Whites, you can do it. We are all proud of you all. Good Luck

blair   #6   10:42 am Jun 23 2010

thats my misses

Nikki   #7   10:56 am Jun 23 2010

Agree with AJ #3 on "Go the All Whites" but figure #1 has a point the way resource consents, ticket prices etc are so hostile towards lower socioeconomic groups, and get the feeling it's Key, McCully and their mates the other cup is for. Many of us hope the Aussies or Yarpies win that one. Otherwise JRS #4 am with you "Go New Zealand, All Whites!" Even a loss by 1 or 2 v Paraguay would be a better than expected result at the FWC overall. I predict a win to NZ by 1 goal however. This is the All White's tournament and they are gonna do it.

trueblue   #8   10:59 am Jun 23 2010

Whoop go the All Whites, I'm so proud of you guys!

devin #2 9:57am

We can't all be beautiful, and who give a sh*t what the SA's think. Get over yourself.

Karlos   #9   11:00 am Jun 23 2010

@ dave #1 - "I hope NZ crap out in the RWC". Way to show your Kiwi spirit you fool. Get behind any team with a Silver Fern on their chest I say! And if you think FIFA aren't just in it for the profits then you need to lay off the drugs.

I'll join the White Out for sure - go NZ!!

Wiri   #10   11:00 am Jun 23 2010

We likez Soccer. No booze, violence, macho culture with Soccer in 'dis country. Good luck all whites! (Nice misses Blair @ 6 :)

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