Supporting Pink Ribbon Appeal Day

20:30, Oct 13 2011

Much has been said about how the Breast Cancer Foundation gets the most support because it's a "sexy" cancer.

Dressing up in pink is nice and palatable, and women's' cleavage is an area of the body that's easy to promote and discuss.

So why should money go to a charity that already gets so much coverage?

Millions of dollars have been raised over the years to increase awareness of a disease that affects one in nine women because of the fantastic work by the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

But that doesn't mean the work stops.

More than 650 women will still die from the disease this year - making it the leading cause of cancer-related death in females. That's so many more people dying than the annual road toll which receives huge amounts of coverage. 


Yes, many other people will die from other cancers (there are around 22 cancer deaths each day) but if you're a woman in New Zealand, you're twice as likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than the next highest cancer in women, bowel.

One of the best things about the annual campaign run by NZBCF is the push towards being body aware. Taking notice of what is "normal" for your body means you have a higher chance of noticing issues which may lead on to cancer - any cancer - and early detection is key for surviving many of these.

Every day in New Zealand around 51 people are diagnosed with cancer. More than 2600 new cases of breast cancer can be expected this year including approximately 20 men who will be diagnosed.

For Pink Ribbon Appeal Day today Stuff's logo has changed and staff have gone pink - in attire and baking - to raise money for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

Stuff editor Mark Stevens said the site had a history of supporting the Pink Ribbon Appeal and the wider issue of breast cancer awareness.

"It's a very worthwhile cause to support and I urge all our readers to get behind it and donate generously," Stevens said.

To take action against breast cancer this month, The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation wants women over 20 to be breast aware and go to the doctor if they notice any changes. If they are 40 years or over, they urge women to go for regular screening mammograms.

The funds raised during Breast Cancer Action Month will help fund vital research into breast cancer in New Zealand, as well as the education, awareness and community outreach programmes that the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation supports.

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation has created a viral advertising campaign called Save Seven - a series of seven beautiful stories of hope told by NZ women with breast cancer.  To view them, visit

For information about other activities during Breast Cancer Action Month, visit