Help us give Stuff a makeover

01:57, Feb 10 2012

Stuff's current design is a few years old now, and we think it is time for a bit of a makeover.

After all, three years in the digital world is a long time, and there have been many new developments in the wider web world that we want to incorporate into our site and the way we bring you stories.

Over coming weeks, the Stuff team will be discussing what the next evolution of Stuff should be, what the site should look like, what features it should add or drop, and what ways we can best present our local, national and international news (and the not-so-serious stuff) to you.

Before we do that, we are keen to hear what you - our readers, viewers and contributors - would like to see happen in Stuff's next iteration.

What do you like about Stuff now? What bits irk you and you would like to see changed? What ideas do you have to make the site an even better experience for you - visually and functionally. What kind of content would you like more or less of?

The redesign will also coincide with some great new features we have planned for you this year. Some are aimed at giving you better ways to contribute to the site, others at helping you share and interact with our content and others are about giving you greater depth in the sections you already like and enjoy.

So please send us your comments and suggestions. In return, we will keep you up to date with what we are planning and thinking, and bring you into the process as much as we can.