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Last updated 14:53 10/02/2012

Stuff's current design is a few years old now, and we think it is time for a bit of a makeover.

After all, three years in the digital world is a long time, and there have been many new developments in the wider web world that we want to incorporate into our site and the way we bring you stories.

Over coming weeks, the Stuff team will be discussing what the next evolution of Stuff should be, what the site should look like, what features it should add or drop, and what ways we can best present our local, national and international news (and the not-so-serious stuff) to you.

Before we do that, we are keen to hear what you - our readers, viewers and contributors - would like to see happen in Stuff's next iteration.

What do you like about Stuff now? What bits irk you and you would like to see changed? What ideas do you have to make the site an even better experience for you - visually and functionally. What kind of content would you like more or less of?

The redesign will also coincide with some great new features we have planned for you this year. Some are aimed at giving you better ways to contribute to the site, others at helping you share and interact with our content and others are about giving you greater depth in the sections you already like and enjoy.

So please send us your comments and suggestions. In return, we will keep you up to date with what we are planning and thinking, and bring you into the process as much as we can.

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Chris   #1   03:02 pm Feb 10 2012

Please drop the practise of republishing the same articles with different head lines.

Mme   #2   03:02 pm Feb 10 2012

If it's not too administratively difficult, it would be good to be able to comment on a lot more of the stories - half the time the option is not there.

Ron   #3   03:11 pm Feb 10 2012

Honestly? How about some proper editing of content to remove spelling errors, repeated paragraphs and other mistakes that should never make the website? The packaging should be secondary to producing high quality content that is correct and error free.

I know it's all about speed, but those kinds of things undermine credibility because Stuff becomes known for its poor editing instead of being at the cutting edge of news.

laura   #4   03:11 pm Feb 10 2012

Please keep the colour coding for each area, it makes it much easier to decipher visually. The ability to personalise the main page is still brilliant, don't get rid of it! More titles in each area appearing on the main page would be good. So a larger front page which enables you to see at least 6 top stories for each section. Could you also extend the current 'related links' for each story, some times they can be really limited compared to the scale of the story. More puzzles and finally please make the search option more effective. It is so difficult to find articles when you don't have the exact details.

Noshow   #5   03:13 pm Feb 10 2012

Allow comments on ALL stories and moderate these quicker so they appear in real time.

Avoid repetition of links across the main page. So the same story doesn't appear in 'Latest News', 'Editors Picks', 'Most Viewed' and across two or three categories like Entertainment / Odd Stuff / Leisure.

Less stories on who did, said or posted what on Facebook / Twitter / Entertainment website because that's not news, its called surfing the web. Likewise any similar stories about the latest content of some magazine.

Don't include blog postings on the main page as 'headlines'. Less Simon Sweetman. Less ads.

No more stories on Hutt chicks getting their bum tattooed. Ever.

Avoid sexualised images that have no real relevance to the article, it looks cheap and tacky.

Did I mention less Simon Sweetman?

000000000000000   #6   03:18 pm Feb 10 2012

Editing, editing, editing! It's awesome that you guys crank out new stories so quickly, but speed often seems to come at the expense of quality.

It just seems to be basic stuff - grammar, spelling, syntax (especially in the headlines). Yeah, you could make the site look a little more modern, but if there are two or three mistakes in the first paragraph of a story, what's the point?

Karlos   #7   03:20 pm Feb 10 2012

1. Comments should be updated a lot faster than they currently are. There seems to be a period in the afternoons where they don't update for hours, or sometimes not even until the next morning.

2. Have the ability to reply directly underneath a comment - so the flame wars are easier to follow :-)

3. Stop making stupid "gossip magazine" type stories your main feature! People can argue that you're just catering to the masses, or that you wouldn't put them there if they weren't popular, but surely to be regarded as a professional news site you can rise above that? Go on I dare ya!

Reekke   #8   03:21 pm Feb 10 2012

Please don't put pictures in with the headlines and then not show them in the article! Very frustrating.

Melissa-Lee   #9   03:21 pm Feb 10 2012

less sports

Sarah   #10   03:23 pm Feb 10 2012

DOn't change anything. I love Stuff the way it is. Congratulation to all of you for making such an awesome site. Our office is addicted to the quizzes too.

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