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Last updated 17:01 23/02/2012

Our post on our plans to give Stuff a bit of a makeover produced an enormous amount of feedback from our readers.

We were thrilled that so many of you took the time to respond to our call for your input into the features, content and design you'd like to see on the site when we make some changes. Our aim is to involve our readers as much as possible in the site and to make the process of evolving and improving it a collaboration between us.

Many of the ideas you suggested already feature strongly in our plans for the next couple of months, so it was pleasing to know we are on the right track in giving you more of the things you like.

We know you want more comments on stories. This is something that we also want. Stuff comments are currently pre-moderated by our newsroom editors and so we always have to balance our ability to moderate comments in a timely way with the amount of stories and people we have.

We try to turn comments on as many stories as possible. We have no bias towards the right or the left. But we tend to avoid opening comments on stories that might get us, or the commenter, in any legal trouble, like a story on an ongoing jury trial, for example.

You also gave us lots of suggestions on improvements to comment functionality, which synced nicely with our short-term plans.

There were lots of great ideas for other functions, and a consistent theme that the most important thing to you is high quality reporting and editing.

Fairfax Media has the biggest network of journalists (reporters, photographers, video staff and editors) in the country. We have high standards when it comes to our journalism, investigation and story-writing and work hard to provide you with a well-edited product.

Our journalists and editors produce literally hundreds of stories a day, from a fast-rolling breaking news story to a considered opinion piece.

We know that you expect the highest standards from us and we work hard to give that to you. We take your feedback on this very seriously and will continue to work hard to give you the very best quality in journalism and our writing.

We have lots of really cool things coming up for you this year. You can also expect to be involved more closely in what we are doing, both on the site and in our newsrooms, and we hope many of you will enjoy becoming part of this process.

In the meantime, please continue to give us your feedback and ideas, or ask us questions about what we are doing and why.

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Tim   #1   01:56 pm Feb 24 2012

Hopefully some type of filtering will be possible but we will have to wait and see. I see in your mobile version at the moment Adele features in two of the top 30 stories. It would be nice to put in a filter so anything that mentions her isn't newsworthy to me.

Shane Field   #2   01:59 pm Feb 24 2012

I think the Stuff website is pretty good, the only suggestion I'd have is to include links to the regional newspaper sections on the mobile version of Stuff.

Nicholas   #3   02:11 pm Feb 24 2012

You should split you FB feed into separate Current events, sport and Entertainment feeds. That way you won't have people bitching on the sports and entertainment story comments about a lack of 'real' news and upsetting the sports and entertainment fans (And I've seen this happen the other way around). It'd make Stuff look more professional and reduce the number of flame wars and snark in the comments.

Jaemi   #4   12:13 pm Feb 26 2012

Stuff do a good job but I'd like to see more balance. Continually promoting John Key gives an impression of partiality, particularly recent headlines commenting on John Key's earthquake memories when he was in Wellington that day. Surely it is time to give all politicians equal treatment. One man doth not a nation make and 47% is not 51% and therefore not a mandate - ok?!

Amelia   #5   09:13 am Feb 27 2012

Thanks for this update. I enjoy hearing a bit about what goes on behind the scenes in the news room and it is nice to see you value our opinion. I think Stuff does a really good job. You are very fast with news and I can always find articles I am interested in. I hate the ads that take over your whole screen or around the stuff page. I know you need to earn money but please keep it to a moderate level. I would like to see more videos and more comments. I would like to be able to rate stories and see more of the articles I am interested in (lifestyle, fashion, news, celebs, technology) and less of the ones I am not (sport and business). Is there a way to do that?

Karyn   #6   10:48 pm Feb 28 2012

Have been following Dot-Com case on telly. Who dictates how our courts rule. Us or the americans. Only reason they want dot-com is because wikileak has used one of his storage areas to store some of his info. Americans want what there. Dang.Come on kiwis. Dont let the americans ruoe what happens in our courts.If the americans told our courts or parliament to jump would they ask how high or say no. Bet would ask how high.Any one with a brain can see this is a set up.Tell the americans to back of our court decisions.Nothing to do with them

Pam   #7   12:57 pm Mar 04 2012

I will not be back to Stuff until the rolling ads are removed. very distracting and annoying.

Alan_Wilkinson   #8   01:53 pm Mar 05 2012

Frankly your forthcoming "improvements" cannot come soon enough since your politics blogs are completely moribund - devoid of either posts or moderated comments for days at a time.

Andrea   #9   02:57 pm Mar 05 2012

I agree with Alan, your blogs are a disgrace at present. Also as mentioned on your facebook page by someone, your stories open for comments are bizarre, I actually made a comment in regards to why the David Bain story was allowed for comments but others (and I made references) were not.

I feel that you are not only wanting to be slightly tabloid, but you are also trying your best to get a 'talk show' reaction from some of your readers, your choices for the stories open for comments is how I form that opinion.

Indecently, my comment on the David Bain story, was not published. As i expected.

I prefer your layout to any other news site, and I really do enjoy reading your blogs, but I must admit to taking STUFF off as my homepage at present.

Khaled   #10   09:29 am Mar 06 2012

Your international news about the diplomat who went to Algeria and challenged armed man is not true. You don't have a representation or a foreign bureau in Algeria to report what really happened in the city of Mostaganen. Gendarmerie means police officers and they are the only force who bear arms in the situation you discribed in Algeria. Your article is misleading and you should be ashamed of trying to give a bad image of Algerian people to your New Zealander readers. The mob you discribed where just curious people attracted by something unusual not people who support one side against another one. It was a family misfortune where small kids are involved. The father love his kids as much as the mother and the city is more developped than what you are suggesting in your article to make your story stick.

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