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Last updated 17:45 29/03/2012 will be expanding in all kinds of ways over the coming year, and one exciting new development will be the launch of an internet TV channel.

The Stuff channel will have loads of great programmes on a huge variety of subjects and in a range of genres, from news to comedy to documentaries. It will follow the same model as, launched by our Fairfax Digital cousins in Australia.

It will take our video offering beyond the news and entertainment short-form clips available on and our Sony smart TV app to a new level aimed at providing quality viewing via the internet. Nielsen Consumer Media Insights has found that 595,000 New Zealanders aged 10 and above have watched TV or movies via the web in the past few weeks. That is a lot of people and it shows us that you want flexibility and choice in hows, whats and wheres of your viewing.

We  expect to launch in the next couple of months. When we do, we want to make sure we have a really great selection of New Zealand-produced content to complement our suite of international content.

What would you like to see on there? We're keen on your feedback as our regular Stuff audience on what sort of content you might like to consume on internet-based TV.

We also want to hear from those of you who might produce New Zealand content that you would like to see on IPTV. This could be film, documentaries or other programmes you've developed in recent years as either series or single productions. If so, email me in the first instance for a chat. We could well be interested in a commercial partnership with you.

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Davie   #1   08:42 am Mar 29 2012

This is absolutely awesome. TV is really on the decline and with ever faster broadband coming up, this is the sort of thing which will blossom. especially now that people know they have the ability to get news straight at their fingertips through the internet and social media sites. Will you be going onto YouTube? That will definitely increase your reach. And don't be afraid to be try and seek sponsorship as you will need money to fund this - you can always create an exclusive ad-free membership option which some people can pay for to not have their ads.

Barrie Fowler   #2   09:14 am Mar 29 2012

Great news! Just please don't go overboard on sport, or celebrity gossip.

David   #3   09:52 am Mar 29 2012

And please stay out of politics, your organization clearly, by your own articles and titles cannot be perceived as even close to being unbiased

marcel   #4   09:53 am Mar 29 2012

the obvious! Once you have the rights to screen live events and shows, you get the numbers! red carpet Ustream in a matter of seconds before the Oscars, had 750.000 viewers! Thanks to twitter mind you. Meanwhile down on the farm, anybody with a bit of willpower and will would have watched the latest 19 shows via let's just say "Google" of 2 1/2 men. What makes you think, we're gonna be waiting for a year? duh! Being a dutchman and mad on soccer, I do pay u.s.$80 to watch all dutch soccer games at the click of my mouse instead of having to searh for games, get a foreign lingo and pop up windows galore with no garantees. Having said that, it took me 3 seconds to just find the game AC Milan - FC Barcelona, (0-0) and watched it in perfect HD...and for freeeeeee! meanwhile, back to being dutch, I'd like to keep up with euro and their local news and sure enough many newschannels, streaming live and even tv chat shows with millions of viewers.

now bunch it together with a list of links like sopcast and bob's ya uncle. throw in the odd rhys darby kiwisceptics(dot com) commercials for laughs and I dare say, no one complaints! xx

Melissa   #5   10:29 am Mar 29 2012

I hope you pick up some of the fantastic TVNZ 7 shows like The Good Word and Back Benches.

maz   #6   12:22 pm Mar 29 2012

I would be keen to see more NZ short films - similar to when Stuff showed one each week for a while, maybe about a year or so ago? Perhaps Stuff couls also show some of the past short films from the 48 hour film competition?

Chris   #7   12:49 pm Mar 29 2012

How about making it on demand? Having timed programming guarantees that I won't watch it. I don't care what time you think something should be broadcast, I want to watch things when it suits me.

Richard Cranium   #8   01:12 pm Mar 29 2012

Can we have some programmes on hospitals or law enforcement? There's not enough of that type of thing playing on main-stream broadcasters. Or maybe some food programmes. Yeah, something new.

sam   #9   01:29 pm Mar 29 2012

There are some really cool NZ web series around now too that could do with an audience channel

Neil   #10   01:39 pm Mar 29 2012

Please please please no talent shows or so-called reality shows. I agree with Maz and Chris, NZ short films was the first thing I thought of and "on demand" is a must. And there are more than enough food shows doing exactly the same thing just with a different celeb chef. And I assume Richard is attempting to be sarcastic

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