An orca in the bucket fountain and other silly stories

Seaweek antics by local marine mammal visitors to Wellington send social media aficionados into a nature-based game of online one-upmanship.

Let's just start with what my old DOC office got up to for their "Harlem Shake" take on Seaweek. Massive kudos to the Coastal Otago DOC team - how come we never did stuff like that when I was there?

It's Friday, and my esteemed colleagues on Twitter told me that I can write a "silly" blog at the end of the week - so today, I bring you silly seaweek in social media. (NB: though it was actually LAST Friday when I put this together - but my blog submission must have fallen into a wormhole or something.)

I wasn't sure if I should write a hand-wringy conservation plea or a sensible science-based story or use the hard-case things I've been sent this week re: Seaweek, so I crowd-sourced a response. (thanks guys!).

So I took their advice.

Here are some of my favourite responses to the Wellington dolphin whales visits.

Spokesbird, the online media voice of Sirocco the Kakapo, and the Department of Conservation tweeted that Wellington was bragging about more marine visitors.

Not to be outdone, Ezra Keddell captured this extraordinary photo of a visiting Orca in the iconic bucket fountain

Orca makes its way into the bucket fountain - I hope no Hobbits had been in there recently (Picure: Ezra Keddell.)

Just when it was all getting a little improbable, Matthew Bell, a keen surfer, took his pig Zorro surfing at Mt Maunganui.

Matthew and Zorro carving it up at Mt Maunganui. (Photo: Matthew Bell.)

It seems that there are many creative and crazy ways that New Zealanders celebrate our oceans. How do you appreciate your marine backyard? Me and the bloke like to snorkel (for paua and a nosey around under the sea), sometimes I think I can still surf, and mostly we enjoy a good swim (and so does Nemo). 

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