Some schools plan to return to their sites

Last updated 05:00 07/04/2011

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Christchurch earthquake

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Four new Rs – reports, repairs, returns and rebuilds – dominate Christchurch's 11 quake-displaced schools.

Six weeks after the February 22 quake, six schools were planning to return to their sites by the third term.

These included Cathedral Grammar, Catholic Cathedral College, Heaton Normal Intermediate, Linwood College, St Mary's and Shirley Boys' High. The remainder – Avonside Girls' High, Discovery One, Marian College, St Paul's and Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti – were waiting on reports, repairs, rebuilds and Education Ministry decisions.

Catholic Cathedral College principal Bruce Henley said it was hoped the school could return to its Ferry Rd site in term three, but that was not certain. The threat of the damaged Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, adjacent to the college on Barbadoes St, meant three classrooms had been red-stickered.

The college has been using St Thomas of Canterbury College's Sockburn site since mid-March.

Avonside Girls' High would continue shift-schooling at Burnside High School's site until at least the end of the year, board chairman Tim Bergen said yesterday.

On Tuesday, a speech from Education Minister Anne Tolley posted on the Beehive website incorrectly said the school was looking for a new temporary site for the start of term three.

Bergen said engineers' reports were expected within the next fortnight, providing a clearer picture of the Avonside Dr site's damage.

"Our biggest concern is that we want to have some certainty for our students and parents," he said.

St Paul's board chairman Gerry Hassan said the Catholic primary school was to remain at the former Champion St special school site for at least the rest of the year.

After the school's Gayhurst Rd site was badly damaged in the September quake, it shifted into disused classrooms and portacoms on the Catholic Cathedral College site. However, February's shake meant the damaged college would eventually need those classrooms and the portacoms were now being used by Marian College.

The Catholic girls' school is using the St Bede's College site.

Hassan said the St Paul's site had sustained further damage.

"Before February 22 we were confident we would be returning to our site, but now it's uncertain," he said.


Avonside Girls' High

Situation: Shift-schooling at Burnside High.

Diagnosis: Waiting on engineers' reports; shift-schooling for the foreseeable future.

Cathedral Grammar

Situation: Some classes on-site, others spread across Selwyn House and Halkett schools, a private Yaldhurst residence and a Russley firm's boardroom.

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Diagnosis: Waiting on portacoms to arrive; expecting to reunite the school in term two.

Catholic Cathedral College

Situation: Shift-schooling at St Thomas of Canterbury College.

Diagnosis: Dependent on the fate of the adjacent Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, possibly returning to its site in term three.

Discovery One

Situation: Using Halswell Residential College's site (with Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti).

Diagnosis: Update unavailable yesterday, but expecting to find a new location for term two.

Heaton Normal Intermediate

Situation: Site-sharing at Casebrook and Breens intermediates.

Diagnosis: Expected to return to its site in term two.

Linwood College

Situation: Shift-schooling at Cashmere High.

Diagnosis: Expected to return to its site in term three.

Marian College

Situation: Shift-schooling at St Bede's College.

Diagnosis: Waiting on engineers' reports; shift-schooling for the foreseeable future.

St Mary's School

Situation: Site-sharing with St Teresa's School.

Diagnosis: Waiting on power and water reconnections, expecting to return to its site in term two.

St Paul's School

Situation: Using former special school site in Champion St, Edgeware.

Diagnosis: New school to be built either on-site or nearby; at Champion St for the foreseeable future.

Shirley Boys' High School

Situation: Shift-schooling at Papanui High

Diagnosis: Expecting to return to campus in term three

Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti

Situation: Using Halswell Residential College's campus (with Discovery One)

Diagnosis: Update unavailable yesterday, but remaining at Halswell for the foreseeable future

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