Christchurch earthquake

Relationships Aotearoa closing just the start, warns sector.

The funding crisis facing Relationships Aotearoa could be the start of a "challenging time".

Canterbury mood disorders up post quake, boozing halved

Health professionals are at a loss to explain the findings of a post-quake Canterbury health study.

Earthquake disaster movie San Andreas coming to Christchurch

Are Christchurch cinemagoers ready to see a blockbuster movie about a devastating earthquake?

Police station implosion won't clash with Christchurch Marathon

The implosion of Christchurch's old police station will not clash with the city's marathon.

Cash payment warranted quake worker's dismissal - ERA

A former Fletcher EQR worker has lost an ERA case after he was dismissed for taking cash to help write a contractor's quotes.

Court grants Crown's central Christchurch land grab

The High Court has allowed the Crown to take over a block of central Christchurch land before compensation has been paid. 

Should quake memorial chairs go on CTV site?

The artist behind the 185 chair quake memorial sculpture wants it permanently placed on the former CTV site.

Earthquake memorial 'says nothing about Christchurch'

Winning design for quake memorial says nothing about Christchurch, landscape architect says. 

185 earthquake memorial chairs face uncertain future

The artist behind the the city's unofficial earthquake memorial is "mulling over" its future.

Insurer to contest court-ordered compo

An insurance company is going to the Supreme Court to dispute a judgment that could cost it millions of dollars in payouts to Christchurch red-zoners.

Proposed Chch youth housing won't become a "ghetto"

A proposed youth housing project will not turn into a "ghetto of naughty kids'.

Christchurch floods: one year on

A year on from floods that hit Christchurch neighbourhoods Michael Wright talks to residents about whether they are happy about efforts to prevent trouble in future downpours.

Public asked to stay away from Christchurch police station implosion

Spectators keen to watch Christchurch's old central city police station blow up are being asked to watch online.

Trust helps 66 children who lost parent in Christchurch earthquake

Molly and Matilda's mum Kelly was killed in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

EQC fights adverse findings against its top engineer

EQC is trying to shut down adverse findings about its top engineer Graeme Robinson.

Underwrite rents to get homeless off streets - Buck

Vicki Buck wants the CCC to underwrite rents on 40 private houses to help the homeless.

South Canterbury Nepal trust worried following quake

Forgotten Sherpas of Nepal Trust members say they don't know the fate of the areas they service in Nepal.

Christchurch quake survivors and the long road to mental recovery

After recovering, there is the recovering from the recovering. And it may take 10 years.

Nelson woman in Nepal has flashbacks to Christchurch earthquake

Dulkara Martig had flashbacks of the Christchurch quakes as she ran for safety in Nepal.

Squatting in Christchurch's quake abandoned buildings

The flame from Luke's cigarette lighter flickers down the dark corridors of an abandoned Christchurch building.

Contractor numbers cut as EQC home repair programme downsizes

Major downsizing of the Fletcher-managed earthquake home repair programme will not slow progress in its final phase, the company says.

Rugby union OK with possible Lancaster return

The Crusaders and Canterbury teams would return to the old AMI Stadium if it was repaired, region's rugby boss says.

Acting Cera chief to stay in role

Cera's acting chief executive John Ombler will continue in the role until the end of the year.

Public input sought on red-zone compensation

The Government will consult the public on possible revised compensation offers for some Christchurch red-zoners.

Quake info hub back by popular demand

Cash settlements and flooding expected to be talking points at new quake help desk for Christchurch residents.

More than 40 South Canterbury claims yet to be settled following earthquakes

More than 40 South Canterbury properties with building claims arising from the Canterbury earthquakes are yet to be settled.

Developer abandons Christchurch for Auckland

The owner of the ruined BNZ building in Cathedral Square says it cannot afford to rebuild.

Freshwater habitats decimated by quakes

Silt and sewage damaged 100km of Christchurch waterways, which may take decades to recover.

Insurer's U-turn delights quake-hit couple

An earthquake-affected Christchurch couple have successfully opposed an insurer-imposed cash settlement.

Eye in the sky captures red zoned Dallington, Burwood

New videos created by an IT man in Christchurch give a bird's-eye view of two quake-stricken suburbs.

Quake companies accused of breaching human rights

Quake-hit homeowners are taking IAG and Fletcher EQR to an international human rights body.

EQC claims manager starts own claims firm

EQC claims manager forms own assessment company but has a process to avoid conflicts.

Bexley suburb returns to nature

'It's getting much easier to live here'

The Christchurch suburb of Bexley is almost off the map.

2015 will be 'year of momentum' for Christchurch

Canterbury is one-quarter of the way to recovery, with 2015 "a year of momentum" say city leaders.

CTV victim's father welcomes litigation

One of the complainants against CTV designer Alan Reay is overjoyed legal action may be heard.

Alan Reay faces disciplinary hearing over CTV building declaration

Engineering expert may have backed Alan Reay even if he knew of his involvement in failed CTV building.

Drone footage shows quake-ravaged Christchurch suburb

Video shows quake-ravaged Avonside

New video shows the remains of one of Christchurch's quake-stricken riverside suburbs.

Reid Stiven to depart Earthquake Commission

EQC manager Reid Stiven will leave the organisation at the end of April.

Database snapshot of tree coverage

Thousands of red-zone trees have been logged in a Cera database as it nears the end of its land-clearance project.

Rebuilding Christ Church Cathedral is 'not a compromise' says Jim Anderton

A plan to rebuild the Christ Church Cathedral in wood means demolishing it first, says Jim Anderton.

Sir Miles Warren design may break four-year Christ Church Cathedral deadlock

Anglican leaders consider restoration options for Christ Church Cathedral.

What do we want from a memorial?

What do we want from a quake memorial - a list of names on a plaque or an experience?

Christchurch quake: Running through the rubble


Four years after the Christchurch earthquake, a survivor recounts her experiences of the aftermath.

Court orders quake compensation land revised

Quake Outcasts pleased with Supreme Court ruling but fear more battles to come.

Red-zone 'fairness' argument rejected

Analysis: The Supreme Court's decision on compensation for the Quake Outcasts and their fellow red-zoners hinges on one point.

No health risk with asbestos removal: Cera

Asbestos being removed from Christchurch’s residential red zone does not pose a health hazard, Cera says.

Quake Outcasts win in Supreme Court

Human Rights Commission 'delighted' by Quake Outcasts' Supreme Court win.

Red zoners four-year battle for justice

It has been a long battle for uninsured red-zoners, but NZ's highest court has finally ordered the Government to reconsider its offer.

Quakes stripped each resident of 150 days of "healthy life"

Cantabrians each lost 150 days of "healthy life" in the aftermath of the February earthquake, new research claims.

Christchurch earthquake: 'We're here to stay'


At 12.51pm on that fateful day I was about to head out of our office building in Latimer Square.

Quake cuts healthy life short by 150 days

Each Cantabrian lost 150 days of "healthy life" in February earthquake aftermath, study claims.

Four years on: The post-quake learning curve


Christchurch is tough game, yet here we are, still learning, and still working towards change.

Baden Ewart to head Christchurch central city rebuild

An interim director for the Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) has been announced ahead of the departure of current leader Warwick Isaacs.

Red-zone house shoved beyond property boundary

House moves over boundary

Tony Bennett's Sumner home is full of cracks, has moved over his boundary, and is red-zoned - but his insurer insists it can be repaired.

When will Christchurch police station implode?

Cop station demo team: Reported date wrong

Demolition team says the former police station's implosion will not happen on April 18 as reported on social media.

Earthquake responses in new book

Nathan Durkin looked up from trying to resuscitate an injured person during the 2011 quake and saw a group of kids looking on.

House of the week: Cashmere

This 1910 Cashmere home has been transformed after suffering major structural damage in the earthquakes.

Future of quake-hit camp in doubt

The future of the popular South Brighton Holiday Park is under a cloud as the council considers closure.

'Gutsy' report tells EQC to treat customers as people

OPINION: Nothing whispers vindication to hurting EQC customers like report using the word "substandard".

$1.72m for as-is-where-is house

Highest price yet for quake-damaged home

A Christchurch home in as-is-where-is condition has sold for $1.72 million.

Post-earthquake Christchurch 'occupied territory'

christ church cathedral

For me, the post-disaster Christchurch is more comparable to post-WW2 occupied Berlin.

What can NZ learn from Japan about earthquakes?

What can New Zealand learn from Japan about earthquakes?

Christchurch earthquake: A son so sadly missed


Text messages were sent to all family members, all of them were answered ... except one.

Christchurch quake survivors 'bound by collective experiences'

Quake doco respectful, shocking, personal

OPINION: It was with a heavy heart that I began to watch last night's quake documentary The Day That Changed My Life.

Christchurch earthquake: Destructive and murderous


I was thrust up in the air, bike and all. It was so violent that I knew there would be souls lost.

Christchurch earthquake: The tower twisted like a pepper grinder


A deep rumble came from the ground below. We were blanketed by clouds of thick dust.

Christchurch earthquake: From red zone to dream home


When the quake claimed his suburb, Jimmy Banks made the best of a bad situation.

Christchurch quake: 'I thought you were dead, Mum'


She told me: "I saw the dust from the cliffs when they fell down and thought you must have died".

Centenarian sticks to her guns on home of 77 years

Margaret Woolley turns 100 this week. Her home of 77 years is pegged for demolition. She can't face it.

Christchurch earthquake: A long trip home

Christine Henry

For Christine Henry, February 22, 2011, was a cold, damp and eerie day.

Quake doco unsettling but enlightening

REVIEW: Last night's TVNZ earthquake documentary The Day that Changed My Life was unsettling but enlightening.

The 'terror began' on September 4, 2010


It is still hard to get your head around the enormity of what we have been through in Christchurch.

Free expert advice on quake claims offered

Insurance experts will offer advice to homeowners struggling with their earthquake claims at a meeting in Christchurch.

The longest 40 seconds of my life

ALL HOPE GONE: Rescuers called off the search of  the ruined CTV building yesterday after all hope of anyone being found alive was lost. Many more people are thought to lie buried in the rubble.

I could hear kids screaming. The terror of that noise I will never forget. They were so alone and so scared.

CTV victim's family awaiting a proper apology

Quake victim's family cannot forgive

The father of Yoko Suzuki says if the CTV building's designers admitted their fault and apologised he could forgive them.

Christchurch earthquake: 'Seconds later all hell let loose'

cashel mall

'Everything was in darkness as no light could get through the cloud of dust swirling.'

Quakes double number of stressed, anxious kids

Aftershocks and living in a highly strung environment takes toll on Canterbury's children.

Christchurch Civic Earthquake Memorial Service

Memorial service goers told "everything has changed except for the love, support and strength of Cantabrians".

River of Flowers: Tributes flow for quake victims

Floral display for quake anniversary

Christchurch's rivers have been transformed into flowing floral tributes as the city marks four years since its devastating earthquake.

Record turn out for Run to Remember

Record turn out for memorial event

Dreary conditions have proven no barrier to the 2200 people who have turned out for a Christchurch earthquake memorial run today. 

Cantabrians mark fourth anniversary of deadly quake

Cantabrians mark the fourth anniversary of the February 22, 2011 quake.

Mourning Shane, face of the quake

The haunting image of a man being pulled from the rubble was seen by millions around the world.

Christchurch quake survivors' lives irrevocably changed

Four years on, a new documentary explores the psychological impact of the Christchurch earthquakes on six survivors.

Christchurch 'looked like a war zone, shocked and scared people everywhere'

Christchurch Cathedral

There are moments you reflect on in life and February 22 will always be there, writes Dave Broughton.

The year insurers took a hit

Four years on from the February 22, 2011, earthquake the Christchurch insurance scene is much altered but intact.

Land settlements put EQC between a rock and a hard place

EQC between a rock and a hard place

EQC is arousing suspicion with its coming payouts for flood and liquefaction land damage. But is it just doing the right thing?

Christchurch: My first quake anniversary away from home

My first quake anniversary away from home

No matter how far away you move - your past will always follow. I can't take back what I saw on February 22.

Extraordinary new moves for earthquake survivor

After two years of willing his nerves to work, quake survivor Nick Walls made an extraordinary move.

Research: Quake claims result in health problems

Unsettled quake claims can lead to health issues and financial problems, research shows.

The Trapped: Where are they now?

For those who came close to death on February 22, 2011, tomorrow's anniversary remains too painful.

St Elmos Court owner bitter, angry, in debt

The owner of the new $17m St Elmos Court wishes he had never rebuilt the much-loved office block.

1240 central Christchurch buildings demolished

Dentral Christchurch has seen four times as many demolitions as rebuilds since the earthquakes

Christchurch: Then and now

Before and after

Before and after pictures show how dramatically Christchurch has changed in the last four years.

High-rise living with no power or water

Living alone in a red-zoned tower block

John Shrewsbury cooked on a Primus stove, used swimming pool water carried up eight flights of stairs in two buckets for the toilet cistern and kept a steel-shafted ice axe by the door in case the building partially collapsed and the door jammed shut.

The moment Christchurch changed forever

PGC Building

As the full force of the quake hit, Greg Cole recalls having a single thought: the building is going to collapse.

Development stalls on central city site

The quakes and now a lack of tenants have put an end to 60 years of inner city life for one Christchurch man.

One man, one picture, every day for four years

The view into town when Jeff Peters collected The Press from his driveway every morning used to stay the same.

Quake-shattered church a 'rare heritage survivor'

A heritage building shattered by February earthquake will be restored - but only if a tenant can be found.

'Sheer violence' of earthquake remembered by tattooist Matt Parkin

Life has been up and down for the owner of the tattoo parlour where Matti McEachen died.

Antigua St footbridge back over Avon River

The Antigua St footbridge has returned to arc over the Avon River once more.

No compensation for home lost in quake

Helen Kraal lost her home in the earthquakes but an insurance loophole means she won’t be fully compensated.

'I will always be indebted to my wife'

CTV building

Malcolm Harris left Christchurch's CTV building at 12.40pm on February 22, 2011, intending to go back.

'The second quake hit and we thought this was the end'

Our street was 'totally wrecked'


John Henry was in traffic for the first Christchurch quake in February 2011. Then the second one hit.

'I was at work when it happened. The world froze.'

The adverts saying what to do in an earthquake make it sound as if you have a choice, writes Tracy Woodfield.

February 22, 2011: Four years on

Manchester St February 22, 2011

Everyone in Christchurch on February 22, 2011, has a story. Tell us yours.

CTV collapse prosecution pending

Police will jump through many hoops before deciding whether to prosecute anybody over the CTV building collapse.

Christchurch earthquake memorial designs unveiled

The winning official earthquake memorial design will be chosen in May from six options.

Many quake claimants remain in EQC limbo

Four years on and many homeowners still need answers on their earthquake claims.

Disaster rebuild, the Japanese way

In the first of a four-part series, Paul Gorman visits Onagawa, ravaged by the 2011 tsunami, and the rebuilt Kobe, 20 years after its devastating quake.

Expats funnel $6 million into Christchurch rebuild

A trust set up by expats has poured over $6m into the Christchurch rebuild.

Quake bus musical script to be changed

The creator of an earthquake musical is removing references to the fatal No 3 bus ride.

EQC 'suboptimal' and 'substandard' - report

Report finds major failings with the way Earthquake Commission handles customers.

Controversial quake musical to 'evolve'

A musical based on the fatal No 3 bus ride in the February 2011 quake is likely to proceed but in an "evolved" form.

Families offered free tickets to 'crass' quake show

Families of those killed on the No 3 bus have been offered free tickets to a musical based on the quake tragedy.

Earthquake bus musical labelled 'very crass'

Show features bored, imaginary commuters on a bus before the earthquake finale shakes the theatre.

Musical theatre to recreate February 2011 earthquake

Follows red bus journey up to quake moment

A young theatre troupe will recreate Christchurch's February 2011 earthquake in a "messy new musical theatre event" at the Wellington Fringe Festival.

EQC pays staff top rates for no work

EQC will pay 24 of its staff $65,000 a year to work just over one week per month.

Convent upgrade decision looms

Ratepayers' money could be used to help fund the repair and upgrade of a former convent.

Quake experiences told through tweets

A University of Canterbury researcher is analysing nearly a million tweets posted during and after the quakes.

Christchurch earthquake documentary going nationwide

Confronting and "raw" footage from aftermath of February 22 to be broadcast on TV.

Cera starts to scale back

The scaling back of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority is official underway.

Kairaki - the village that refused to surrender

How did red-zoned Kairaki survive?

Three-and-a-half years after it was red-zoned, Kairaki is as strong as ever. How has it survived?

Breach of rights in quake is new worry

The first earthquake claim alleging an insurance company breached an OECD instrument on human rights has been accepted.

Fresh perspective on Christchurch's AMI stadium

Drone over AMI stadium

Jimmy Ryan used his drone to get a new perspective on Christchurch's old AMI stadium.

Aranui homeowner's insurance battle nears end

Ken Keir is resigned to a fourth winter in his ruined home but takes comfort in feeling he has had the last laugh.

Drone cameras capture bird's eye views of Christchurch quake damage

Drone has bird's eye view of city's damage

Cameras soaring through the skies of Christchurch are capturing the city in a new light.

Christchurch's red zones: drone's eye view

Haunting footage of Christchurch's red zones that still exist after 2011's devastating earthquake.

Video: Quake-damaged Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

Footage of quake-damaged Catholic cathedral

New aerial footage has revealed just how much damage was sustained by Christchurch's Catholic Cathedral in the February 2011 earthquake.

Christchurch rebuild will be legacy to engineer

Late Canterbury University engineer developed design processes that allow buildings to withstand violent shaking.

Quake-stricken Band Rotunda target of thieves

Copper stripped off Band Rotunda

The partially dismantled Edmonds Band Rotunda in central Christchurch is gradually losing its roof thanks to copper thieves.

Quake zone in transition

A few weeks ago, we took the kids and took part in the new old Christchurch. Or is that the old new Christchurch?

Photographic reminder of quake-hit buildings

More than 30 years ago, photographer Jae Renaut decided to photograph Lyttelton's heritage buildings in case something happened to them.

Scientists explain 2014 earthquake patterns in New Zealand

Why did some areas have more earthquakes than others this year? Scientists explain.

New Zealand's year of earthquakes, animated

INTERACTIVE: See how a year of earthquakes unfolded in New Zealand.

The year in earthquakes: where it rattled most

There were tens of thousands of earthquakes in New Zealand this year. Where was it shaking hardest and most often?

Red zone ideas submitted

BMX track, dog park and quake memorial are among ideas put forward for the Waimakariri red zones.

Councils can't force seismic strengthening, court says

Councils cannot force strengthening of quake-prone buildings beyond legal minimum, Supreme Court says.

Christchurch quake memorial plans revealed

Mixed response as six designs being considered to commemorate Christchurch's February 2011 quake are revealed.

Limited space for Christmas cheer in caravan

Couple face fourth Christmas in caravan on their front lawn after quake hit uninsured house.

Dyers Pass Rd reopens

The busy Dyers Pass Rd has reopened after four weeks of infrastructure repair work.

Desperate woman in EQC limbo

Pamela Wilkinson will pen a letter to Prime Minister John Key before admitting "there's no hope left".

Resilience plan may risk too much talking

OPINION: Resilience is one of those overused buzz words, but what exactly does it mean and why does the Christchurch City Council need a chief resilience officer?

Teen's quake piece to have abbey debut

A Christchurch teen's composition will be played in Westminster Abbey for the next February quake anniversary.

'Jerky' quake rattles Canterbury

Quake was strong enough to shake people out of their slumber, but they won't be rattled.

The art of urban exploration

Daredevil activists show us a sight we haven't seen in years - Christ Church Cathedral from inside. | Building intruders exposed

Flashes expose quake-building intruders

Trio caught taking photos in building subject to asbestos removal get police warning.

EQC to pay for loss of land value

High Court says EQC does not need to pay for homes damaged by increased flooding risk.

EQC flood compensation decision today

Thousands of Christchurch residents affected by liquefaction and flooding will find out how they will be compensated today.

Cleverley to step down from CERA

Timaru man Murray Cleverley is to step down from his role with the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority at the end of February.

A look inside the Mona Vale Homestead

We get an exclusive look through the damaged building before works start in the new year.

No formal punishment for CTV engineer

David Harding has been found to have "misrepresented his competence" in his work.

Many opposed to asset sales

Many residents want the city council to keep its assets and not build the stadium.

Help for quake-traumatised kids

Two mothers want to reach 8000 families to tackle quake-related anxiety in children.

People treat red zone as dump

Bags of excrement and 20 mummified hedgehogs are among the things dumped in the red zone.

Father turns detective to solve quake death

A father turned detective to get to the bottom of his daughter-in-law's death in Chch quake.

Tower Insurance protest

An 83-year-old pensioner has taken her fight with Tower Insurance from phone line to front line.

Police tower will be imploded

Christchurch central police station building

Explosives will be used to bring down the 13-storey former Christchurch police station.

'No accountability' for CTV rescue failures

A law expert says no one has been held to account for failures in the rescue efforts at the CTV building.

Sutton breached confidentiality - Rennie

Cera boss Roger Sutton breached the confidentiality of settlement with State Services Commission, commissioner says.

Couple to get working toilet after four years

Retirees still using chemical toilet in their shed should have repaired sewerage this week.

Roger Sutton sex claim 'taken seriously'

State Services Commissioner is defending his decision not to stand down Roger Sutton during a sexual harassment investigation.

Thousands stuck in post-quake insurance hell

Thousands stuck in insurance hell



At least 3000 home-owners are still stuck in post-quake insurance hell. What is being done to unblock the final logjams? JOHN MCCRONE reports.

Family weary of chemical loo ordeal

Retired couple still using chemical toilet

A retired Linwood couple battling health problems are still using a chemical toilet in their garden shed nearly four years after the quake.

Port Hills homeowners to learn insurance fate

Court of Appeal decision expected soon on insurance claim of couple unable to live in Sumner house due to rockfall risk.

Graeme Robinson 'negligent and incompetent'

Top EQC engineer Graeme Robinson found negligent in interim decisions by his professional body.

CTV engineer punished

David Harding

David Harding suspended from industry's professional body and ordered to pay $10,000.

EQC plan 'unlikely to work'

EQC, Earthquake Commission

Some homeowners say they will refuse to pay EQC's bill for unpaid excess on home repairs. | Editorial: Another EQC fumble

EQC excess bill for house owners

EQC, Earthquake Commission

Nearly 70,000 Canterbury home-owners will be billed hundreds of dollars for quake repairs.

Over-cap claims tax insurer's capacity

Southern Response meeting

A flurry of new over-cap earthquake insurance cases is expected to cost taxpayers close to $100m.

People being 'mucked around' by EQC battle

EQC, Earthquake Commission

Court battle over flood and earthquake land damage described as a "war of acronyms".

Portable house built to withstand quakes

Portable house built to withstand quakes

black hut

The 2011 Christchurch earthquakes forced one couple to rethink how they were living.

Police man insurance meeting after threat made

Southern Response meeting

Security guards searching bags at Southern Response annual meeting after safety threatened.

Compensation no fix for flooding woes

Heathcote River in flood April 29

"Throwing a few bob" to homeowners does not fix Christchurch's post-quake flooding, court hears.

EQC policy could create 'roadblock effect'

Jack Hodder

Judges say EQC policy for flood-prone land claims could create a "roadblock effect " for homeowners.

13,000 EQC payments in the balance

Jack Hodder

A complex court case affecting more than 13,000 land claims across Canterbury has begun.

Court to rule land claims

Judge, court, gavel, justice

A four-day High Court hearing will determine how EQC will settle thousands of Chch land claims.

Homeowner sees progress after confronting PM

Paulette Barr

An end to a woman's quake-damaged home woes is in sight after she approached the prime minister.

History revisited at Homebush

Modern new look for historic Homebush


After devastating loss of the original homestead, Louise Deans says a fresh start was the right decision.

Court still busy with quake cases


Christchurch's High Court has a backlog of more than 230 earthquake-related cases.

RSA demolition 'a nightmare'

Tears as damaged RSA building comes down


Demolition of the Sumner-Redcliffs RSA building ''like a nightmare'' for its president Bev Salter.

Threat postpones Southern Response meeting

Melanie Tobeck

Concerns over security put pin in meeting between Southern Response and frustrated claimants.

Ministry right to not name 'CTV-like' buildings

CTV building

Govt watchdog backs ministry decision to not publicly release list of potentially dangerous buildings.

WorkSafe: Asbestos management flawed


WorkSafe won't lay charges despite finding flaws in EQC and Fletcher EQR's asbestos handling.

Neighbours key to wellbeing - study

Neighbours helping clear liquefaction

Canterbury's quakes highlighted the importance of a person's environment and neighbours.

Free fun events to help ease quake stress

Christmas carols

More than 60 events, from pool parties to carol singing, will help people ''have a bit of fun'' this summer.

City council grants church $43,000

$43k grant for church with uncertain future

St John the Evangelist Church Little River

The city council will provide $43,000 for a damaged Little River church despite its uncertain future.

Port Hills drone footage aired

clifton hill

Dramatic footage of multimillion- dollar Port Hills homes dangling on the edge of cliff faces has been featured on the Discovery Channel.

Groundwater changes may warn of big quakes


Something in the water might one day help scientists to predict big earthquakes.

Asbestos warning for homeowners

The Press

Canterbury homeowners carrying out their own earthquake repairs could be at risk of asbestos contamination, government and local body agencies warn.

Mayor seeks public on Vic Square

Mayor Lianne Dalziel

The public should have a say in what happens to Victoria Square, mayor says.

Building a dream city

What type of city do you want?


Everyone has an opinion on how Christchurch should look. Here is what some of our leading lights think.

Smiths City takes on rivals with relaunch


Bargain hunters queue up for revamped Smiths City store after multimillion dollar redevelopment.

EQC apologises for poor brackets

EQC brackets

EQC apologises after handing out wall brackets that failed its own safety standards.

Stress results in more emergencies for St John

St John's Ambulance

Stressed out, violent Cantabrians have contributed to a record number of callouts for St John.

Researcher awarded for women's quake stories

Rosemary Du Plessis

Researcher focused on ''ordinary stories of people coping in extraordinary circumstances''.

Costs rise in court fight over buy-out

Red zone grass

Govt spends $525k defending decision to offer uninsured red-zoners 50 per cent buyout offers.

Southern Response needs $500m top-up

Generic money

Southern Response may need more than $500m of taxpayer support to complete $2.36b of claims.

Wellington's fault find prompts grim warning


Quake-hardened Cantabrians tell Wellington to get prepared after fault zone is found under harbour.

Firefighter awarded valour medal

Scott Shadbolt

Scott Shadbolt receives rare award for helping save the life of a man trapped under rubble in the Christchurch quake.

Booby-traps found in abandoned Christchurch houses


Police are investigating after booby-traps were found in Christchurch's red-zoned properties.

Quake hub aims to unearth the facts

Quake hub

Land information hub will help confused Christchurch residents understand what is happening under their homes.

Rebuild delays irk nearby residents

South Brighton’s Bridge St

If it took 50 months to construct the Golden Gate bridge, why is it taking 30 months for Bridge St bridge?

Alpine Fault secrets being unlocked

Scientists drill 1.3km for clues into Alpine Fault

Alpine Fault drill

Scientists drill 1.3km into Alpine Fault in hope of learning more about earthquakes.

Claims Southern Response has lifted its game

Melanie Tobeck

Customers who previously kicked up say insurance-claims settler has improved communication.

EQC foundation repair 'not as good as new'

Suzanne and Cameron Kelly

Foundation repairs suggested by EQC would be like getting a car with a third less power, engineer says.

'Systemic problem' in EQC assessments


Expert appearing in High Court case criticises EQC methods of assessing damage.

EQC floor test 'unreliable, non-expert'

Suzanne and Cameron Kelly

EQC found only 'cosmetic damage' in 5-year-old flat which slumped 380mm, court told.

House 'clearly' dropped after quakes

Cameron and Suzanne Kelly

House at centre of $590k High Court claim slumped 360mm in Christchurch quakes, expert says.

EQC accused of 'unacceptable bullying'

Cameron and Suzanne Kelly

Family battling EQC initially claimed $1m for $300k house after not knowing their "entitlements".

Bridge repairs delay power line removal


Bridge repairs have delayed Orion's plans to remove overhead power lines built in eastern Chch after 2011 quake.

Lawyer: Insurers trying to weasel out

ameron and Suzanne Kelly

Cameron and Suzanne Kelly say EQC and Southern Response are trying to get out of a full rebuild of their house.

Foundation damage 'not quake' owners told

But owners say insurers trying to 'weasel out'

Cameron and Suzanne Kelly

Insurers whittled down an agreed rebuild of a house to a $50,000 repair, a Court was told today.

Landlord 'vilified' over false quake claims

Sally Mengtung Ye

Christchurch landlord gets eight months' home detention for making false quake damage claims.

Owner disputes quality of repairs

Murray McDrury

Rebuild firm locked in battle with property owner who says $40k of work was not completed to scope.

Grenade shell found in red-zone property


Bomb disposal experts say a device found at red zone property was only the 'shell of a grenade'.

CTV engineer fails to stop release of disciplinary findings

David Harding

The High Court has rejected an attempt to stop disciplinary hearing findings from being released.

Cera set to hand over safety reins


Cera is preparing to end its involvement in structural safety assessments of building stock.

TV series shows Christchurch as it is

TV presenter shocked at homelessness

Gerard Smyth

Gerard Smyth, award-winning director of When a City Falls, reveals Christchurch through lives of everyday people living in extraordinary times.

Most important earthquake book so far?

City-building after Disaster in Christchurch

OPINION: Co-editor of Once in a Lifetime says the book should be at the top of the incoming quake recovery minister's reading list.

Bars bring vibrancy back to city

Lynn Anderson

Orana Park's CEO says post-quake hospitality revival has turned around her "boring, stay-at-home" lifestyle.

Supreme Court decision a win for quake claimants


OPINION: The Supreme Court's first decision arising from the Canterbury quakes will have wide-ranging impact.

Interest sought for Town Hall rebuild

Christchurch Town Hall

Council asking potential contractors to look for innovative ways to reduce cost of restoration.

Quake fund to help community hall reopen

Banks Peninsula War Memorial

New Brighton hall and Akaroa war memorial to be repaired after receiving $200k from mayoral fund.

Brownlee backtracks after calling claimants 'grumpy'

Gerry Brownlee

Gerry Brownlee sorry for describing quake claimants on Campbell Live show as 'grumpy'.

Daggy sheep plan for red zone roasted

Red zone grass

Grazing flocks in the abandoned red zone like sending lambs to the slaughter, advocates say.

Sewerage a pipe dream for man still using a bucket

Paul Tobin

The son of a man still using a bucket as a toilet since the 2011 quake is fundraising to fix his dad's 'degrading' broken sewer.

Clothes maketh the property man

Shaun Stockman

Property investor who lost his mum just before the quakes and his father during them says you "just have to get on with life".

Support for burned-out leaders

mental health

Community leaders burned out by quake recovery being sought to take part in wellness project.

Earthquake data privacy breach 'avoidable'

Bryan Staples

Breach that revealed details of 83,000 Canterbury EQC claims 'could have been avoided'.

EQC complaint numbers a disgrace - Cosgrove

jocelyn  yates

Almost 20,000 complaints lodged with EQC in past four years as residents vow to 'keep fighting'.

Cantabrians 'need to invest in themselves'


Research for a wellness campaign shows Cantabrians are not looking after themselves.

Library coming down but memories stick

Central library more than a building for books

Gloucester St library

Christchurch Central Library, once a cutting-edge information hub and a place where people fell in love, sometimes with books.

Christchurch earthquakes' first victim

David Lei

David Lei spent Thursday remembering the quake's seemingly forgotten casualty, his partner who died of a heart attack during the 7.1 quake.

Quake leaders shun show over 'safety concerns'

Tim Grafton

Quake recovery leaders decline Campbell Live after concerns following Ashburton shooting.

Cantabrians 'feel like a nuisance'

Linda Harris

It's really hard to get excited about a new Christchurch when all I feel is loss still.

Aftershock: Fatigue tests pair's marriage

Cate and Riwai Grace

Cate and Riwai Grace's marriage has survived an emotional struggle that began on September 4, 2010.

First home and a broken dream

Bought 'dream home' on September 3, 2010

Yuri Bacas Hosaka

Four years on from the first earthquake, Yuri Bacas Hosaka is still waiting for answers. | 'Many still rattled'

No official recognition for quake volunteers

Earthquake generic

More than 1800 civil defence volunteers are refused official recognition for quake efforts.

Four years on and many still rattled

Christchurch aerial post-earthquake, generic, housing, suburbs, suburbia, houses

A live TV broadcast gives residents a chance to vent their post-quake frustrations.

Council approves $45m for communities

Sumner librarys

Council approves $10m Sumner facility, new Bishopdale library and $5m for Brighton legacy project.

Four years and no repairs

Quake repairs

The constant battle with the EQC has taken its toll on our family like many others.

Canterbury quake babies thriving

Lola Romero

What is life like for the families who had babies during the 2010 7.1 magnitude quake?

Are you stuck in Sept 4, 2010?

wedding mags

Does it feel like the beginning of a fresh start for Christchurch and Canterbury where you are?

Kaiapoi to make the best of red zone

Brent and Shirley Cairns

Kaiapoi was one of the worst hit areas in the September 2010 quake, but residents say it has a bright future.

EQC battle felt like the 'twilight zone'

jocelyn  yates

The EQC sent Jocelyn Yates a land claim payment of $5.51.

Homebush emerges from ruins

Homebush, Sept 5, 2010

The reincarnation of the historic Deans family homestead Homebush is nearly complete.

Christchurch rebuild just 10pc complete

Construction worker/ Hard hat

The perception that Canterbury is well advanced on quake recovery is misleading, business leader says. l EQC running out of cash

Police escalate probe into CTV collapse

CTV building

Professionals connected to CTV building collapse have moved closer to possible manslaughter charges.

Life downhill since September quake

quake damage

The earthquakes have not affected us emotionally, but financially, we have hit the wall.

Scientists defend earthquake forecasting

Earthquake generic

Scientists defend criticisms that Canterbury earthquake forecasting is ineffective or distracting.
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