Christchurch earthquake

GeoNet turns 15 - what have we learned about earthquakes in that time?

From cassette tapes and snail mail to capturing Canterbury at high resolution, GeoNet has come a long way.

Evan Smith can't find the words to thank son for life-saving liver gift

Avon-Otakaro Network co-chair says his private cancer battle is "symbolic of change".

Rapaki residents hope concrete wall will protect against falling rocks

Concrete blocks to stop the rocks? Henry Couch hopes this will make his home safe again.

Expert stonemason works on historic Peel Forest church

 A third generation stonemason from Northern Ireland visits Mount Peel to strengthen the Church of the Holy Innocents.

Skinning, 'crazy people' and underwear racing at Queenstown Winter Festival

Birdman flight attempts, "skinning" and underwear racing highlights at the Queenstown Winter Festival.

Christchurch educator Jacqueline Duncan receives special honour

Jacqueline Duncan knew exactly what to do when the earth started moving under her feet.

Gerry Brownlee says change to Otakaro's purpose no big deal, calls Labour 'deluded'

The Crown-owned company no longer has to "deliver" Christchurch's anchor projects, only "add value" to them.

Flooding at Christchurch earthquake memorial site expected, Crown says

Flooding at the site of Christchurch's earthquake memorial over the weekend will not be an isolated incident, the Crown says.

Tonnes of liquefaction silt removed from rotting, quake-damaged house

34 tonnes of liquefaction and water was removed from a Christchurch man's rotting, quake-damaged home.

$8,455,690 rebuild claim as Christchurch homeowners sue IAG

Owners of luxury Christchurch property claim it will cost nearly the same as fixing the New Brighton Pier to rebuild.

Insurer Southern Response queried on asbestos testing and removal

Questions have been raised about whether a Government-owned insurer both tested and removed asbestos before a demolition.

Family's new $800k Christchurch property found to contain asbestos

The site of a Christchurch family's dream home is now just a pile of contaminated dirt.

Earthquake Commission asks how to 'turn off the tap' on second time repairs

EQC is making an effort to "turn off the tap" on homeowners seeking second time repairs, a presentation shows.

Damage causes Christchurch house to rot as owners battle insurers

 Paul Gilbertson's home is in "serious trouble" after sitting untouched since the 2011 earthquakes.

Homeowners expect fight for quake repair reviews after settlement expands EQC's liability 'hugely'

Homeowners expect a fight to have earthquake repairs reviewed and fixed to "when new" standard. Mandy Fraser is one of them.

EQC agreement with EQC Action Group has major implications

OPINION: The biggest issue facing EQC is the general feeling of mistrust over anything it says.

Receivers sue insurers of fraudster Ken Anderson's former LWR buildings

Receivers for one of fraudster Ken Anderson's companies sue insurers of the LWR owner's former premises.

Earthquake Commission yet to offer Crown payout for red zoned land

The Crown is still waiting for an estimated $330 million offer from EQC for thousands of red-zoned properties.

EQC to re-repair home following apology to Christchurch family

Helen and Josh MacDonald purchased their home in 2012. They thought it was repaired. It wasn't.

Red zoning decision 'separate' to EQC's settlement offers

No correlation between Christchurch red-zoning decisions and land damage settlement offers, EQC says.

EQC's $1115 land settlement for red zoners 'doesn't add up'

Their land is so badly damaged the Government has ruled they can't live there. But they were only offered $1115 by EQC.

Southern Ink property manager Christopher Chapman charged with misconduct over earthquake death

A tattooist died fleeing a building that a real estate agent failed to reveal was unsafe.

Kiwi engineer awarded for Christchurch liquefaction research

Kiwi engineers' research on liquefaction damage during Canterbury's earthquakes internationally recognised.

Canterbury mental health funding boost to help children - Ministry of Health

Government announces $20m boost for mental health services in quake-hit Canterbury.

Christchurch schools attempt to avoid panicking students during lockdown drills

Increase in lockdown drills for schools raises concerns for quake-affected kids.

Sydenham Heritage Church rubble to be cleared after five years

A five-year-old pile of rubble from the demolished Sydenham Heritage Church will be cleared in months.

Law changes mean local lead for Christchurch's new rebuild authority, but Brownlee still has veto

ANALYSIS: Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee has ceded some rebuild power in new law, but he's still in charge.

Christchurch: My personal post-quake tour

Despite the earthquakes, Christchurch is in the midst of an exciting resurgence.

Hundreds of quake claims still going over cap

About 120 homeowners a month are starting earthquake repairs from scratch as their claims are finally referred to insurance companies.

Christchurch earthquake survivor's epic tale: 'He gave me my life'

Two rescuers and a rescued woman are united forever by the Christchurch earthquake. This is their story.

Lonely journey for elderly Christchurch woman for earthquake repairs

Her husband died after trying to sort their home and now Ina Drury is losing hope repairs will ever happen.

Devastated families want someone held accountable for Christchurch quake deaths

Devastated families want someone held accountable for Christchurch quake deaths, but some doubt it'll happen.

In Search of Helen Thacker

Helen Thacker owns millions of dollars of property around the city, but some are concerned her empty units on New Regent St are harming the rebirth of central Christchurch.

Ruptures: History crumbled in the Christchurch quakes and that's good

We must cast aside our "origin mythologies", says historian Katie Pickles.

End of the road for the red zone

For several years, the abandoned roads around Frances Rawling's house have doubled as a giant lovers' lane.

Magnitude-3.4 earthquake rocks Christchurch

Magnitude-3.4 quake centred at Southshore rattled city on Thursday evening.

Photographers capture Christchurch five years on

Shutters closed and bulbs flashed at 12:51pm on Monday February 22.

Gerry Brownlee, the making of the man in charge

Gerry Brownlee is unquestionably the face of Christchurch's earthquake recovery. How did he get there? And how has he fared?

Andrew Gunn: Yes Prime Minister

SATIRE: The art of getting a straight answer from the PM.

Fraudster spent Red Cross earthquake grants on drugs, alcohol, KFC

Needy families missed out on Red Cross quake grants thanks to the 'cynical, manipulative' fraudster.

Opinion: Stonewood failure a familiar rebuild tale

The failure of building company Stonewood Homes this week followed a depressingly familiar pattern.

Gerry Brownlee protester lost son Jayden Andrews-Howland in earthquake

Man who threw brown mess over Gerry Brownlee U-turns on meeting minister at restorative justice.

Christchurch earthquake refugees find a home in Marlborough

A Christchurch family who moved to Blenheim following the Canterbury earthquakes, says the move has allowed them to heal and get on with their lives.

Arrest after 'brown' substance poured on Gerry Brownlee at service

Man due in court for tipping container full of a "lumpy" brown substance over Gerry Brownlee at the Christchurch quake memorial.

Watch: When an earthquake ripped central Christchurch apart

Footage captured in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake remains visceral five years on.

From the archives: Mum, daughter's survival against the odds

On February 22, 2011, a mother and her young daughter lay buried alive in the rubble. Their story of survival defies belief.

Recap: February 22 Christchurch earthquake memorial

Christchurch remembers its dead five years after the devastating February 22 earthquake.

Silent Hagley Oval test cricket crowd stand to mark earthquake anniversary

Hagley Oval test crowd stand as one and it's just not cricket

Margaret Neale finds 'great peace' five years after 2011 Christchurch earthquake

Since her daughter died beside her, a mother's brush with her own death renewed her.

Japanese families still waiting for answers over CTV building collapse

"We haven't moved anywhere, we just stay here in the same place."

Making contact - the first text messages from after the February 22 Christchurch earthquake

"Bro we just had a massive earthquake, buildings fell, I'm scared. Please pray for us".

Quake baby Kody Owen's shaky entrance to the world

Kody Owen knows his birthday is special, but not exactly why.

Christchurch Earthquake: What it's like five years on

We take you on a tour of the central city - this is how Christchurch looks now.

Flowers still adorn road cones to mark Christchurch's earthquake anniversary

The tradition of placing fresh blooms in the top of road cones still continues.

Marg Stocker: 'Grief is hard in public eye'

Grief is hard anytime of the year but for Marg Stocker, her birthdays over the last five years have been shadowed by her husband Neil's death.

A photographer's recollection of February 22

Photographer Iain McGregor says he would always save a life before taking a photograph.

Blooms sent around Christchurch for River of Flowers

Thousands of flowers are being sent out to sites around Christchurch for Monday's River of Flowers.

Student Volunteer Army to launch national volunteer service days

Prince Harry discussion prompts Student Army to launch national volunteer service days.

Hundreds protest outstanding EQC and insurance claims in Cathedral Square

About 1000 homeowners protest outstanding quake claims five years after Christchurch earthquake.

David Rutherford: Prevention is better than cure

OPINION: It's time to apply lessons learnt from Canterbury's earthquakes.

Blue skies for A Run To Remember five years on from Christchurch's big quake

Almost five years on from the February 2011 earthquake, 1700 people ran to remember.

Repairs to start on Church of Holy Innocents at Mt Peel

Quake repairs to 147-year-old Canterbury church to finally get under way.

Quake babies are best buds

Quake babies who were dubbed "little symbols of hope" celebrate birthdays and starting school.

Red zone camp mum Raewyn Iketau: ‘We were really lucky’

Raewyn Iketau and Charlie Duthie lived without power for more than 90 days inside the central Christchurch cordon after the 2011 earthquake.

Have the anchor projects anchored Christchurch's central city?

Gerry Brownlee has one word for the central city recovery: "positive". But have the anchor projects really anchored Christchurch?

Editorial: Feb 22, an open letter to New Zealand

Canterbury doesn't need your pity. Just stand with us today, because wherever you are in NZ, it could happen to you.

Earthquake insurance battle continues four years on

The homemade billboard outside Dominic Preece's home clearly shows his earthquake recovery battle is far from over.

Huntsbury's munted Whaka Terrace: Then and now

A photo essay show what a difference five years can make, or not, in one Christchurch street.

Five years on, the red zone is green

Christchurch’s red zone is now green. The houses have gone and the vegetation has taken over.

Editorial: Northlands mall fell well short responding to the Valentines Day quake

When Sunday's earthquake struck, staff and patrons at Northlands mall did what most other people did - took cover and rode it out.

The earthquake bereaved will remember and recover in their own ways

Life does move on and time does heal wounds but families who lost loved ones mourn, remember and recover at their own pace and in their own way.

Martin van Beynen: Earthquakes an opportunity to revitalise Christchurch

OPINION: The earthquake gave us a chance to transform a dying inner city, to build a more resilient city and to make the city an enjoyable place to live.

What will Christchurch look like in 2021?

What will Christchurch be like in 2021, 10 years after the massive February 2011 earthquake?

Five years, 14,000 quakes, and a new South Island

There were more than 600 quakes on February 22, each jolt knocking an unprepared region further and further from its axis.

Time alone does not heal for February 2011 earthquake widower

Maan Alkaisi reflects on the past five years since his wife died in the CTV building collapse.

Christchurch in 2016: See how the rebuilding city looks from the air

We took to the skies over Christchurch to capture how the city looks five years after the 2011 earthquakes.

Childhood interrupted by February 2011 earthquake

Children share their earthquake experiences five years after earthquakes toyed with their homes, schooling and wellbeing.

Jane Taylor, earthquake survivor with a good laugh

Earthquake survivor Jane Taylor says you "see the goodness in people when bad things happen".

Christchurch Urban Search and Rescue responders look back at February 22

Looking at the city five years after the earthquake still hurts for Paul Burns, who co-ordinated the urban search and rescue effort.

February 22, 2011: The damage in pictures

Few who were in Christchurch will ever forget that day five years ago when a magnitude-6.3 earthquake struck the city, killing 185 people, injuring thousands more.

Christchurch constables reflect on frantic CTV rescue effort

Constable Mike Kneebone felt like he was in a movie, as terrified civilians ran towards him.

International perceptions of Christchurch more positive

Five years on and there is more to Christchurch than its rebuild opportunities for migrants.

Five years, but life no easier for earthquake victim Stacey Herbert

It's been almost five years since the Christchurch earthquake stole Stacey Herbert's legs, but she thinks about it every second.

Elderly earthquake evacuee ready to return to new home

Most of the 300 elderly rest home residents evacuated out of the city have not survived or not returned to the city.

What's happening for the February earthquake anniversary?

A Run to Remember, The River of Flowers and a Civic Memorial Service will mark the 2011 earthquake anniversary.

Andrew Gunn: Cantabrians urged to stockpile emergency rations of expletives

SATIRE: When regular filthy language is not strong enough for the job.

Johnny Moore: Stop telling Cantabrians to 'get over it'

OPINION: There's nothing I'd like more than to "get over it". Easier said than done.

Earthquake games to while away five years of Canterbury stalemate

Fun ways to pass the time while you wait for your insurance company to approve repairs to your munted house.

'It was a miracle' – PGC survival photo five years on

David Sandeman’s face appeared to say: thank God I’m alive. But there was another pressing issue.

The roads after red-zoned River Rd

Peter Cammock remembers the day he left his home in River Rd. It was March 2011 and the house his family had owned since the late 1930s was buggered.

Five things only people in Christchurch will understand

Despite dealing with thousands of earthquakes in the past five years Cantabrians have never lost their sense of humour. We look back over five years of quirky quake moments.

Valentines Day quake – 'It ain't over yet'

The Valentines Day earthquake wore at Christchurch's nerves but not its spirit.

Canterbury earthquakes moving east 'like a zip'

The pattern of Canterbury quakes is tending east with future quakes likely to be offshore, says an earthquake engineer.

Christchurch couple who left after February quake experience aftershock on jetskis

They sat in the middle of the rolling ocean watching part of the cliff rain down.

Editorial: Valentine's Day quake a severe blow to morale

OPINION: 'The smiles were wiped off our anxious faces.'

Editorial: Rebuilding in the red zone a reality

Kaiapoi residents got a taste of the future last week when the Waimakariri District Council released its draft plan for the town's red zone.

Community use and greenery at heart of Waimak red zone vision

Some former red-zoned homeowners may be able to buy back or lease their old sections but not build on them.

Quake-hit bar reopens: 'My brother would have wanted me to keep on going'

Barman Jaime Gilbert died shielding his sister as Iconic bar fell apart in the big quake. She has returned to work for the same bar.

Tree protection change rankles Christchurch residents

How does the garden city intend to protect its important trees under its replacement district plan?

Traditional buildings possible in Christchurch

Meet the man who proposed building a gothic church of rugby as a stadium in Christchurch.

Christchurch earthquake study gives insight into impacts on children

University of Auckland student Jayden Hickman has been studying the impacts of the Christchurch quake on children who lived through it.

Helicopter demolishes Christchurch clifftop house from the sky

A helicopter demolishes earthquake-damaged homes teetering from a Scarborough cliff.

Christchurch heritage house on Heberden Ave Sumner, built in 1852, demolished

One of Christchurch's oldest homes, 50 Heberden Ave, Sumner, has been demolished.

Bridge of Remembrance will be ready for Anzac Day

Christchurch's repaired Bridge of Remembrance, which can sway with seismic activity, will be ready for Anzac Day.

Panel must reconsider cliff collapse properties decision court says

Hearing panel decision on cliff collapse properties overturned by court.

Leadership deficiencies in Christchurch Hospital and Central Library projects - report

Christchurch Hospital and Central Library projects had serious flaws in their leadership, report says.

Lyttelton's heritage Timeball Station was under-insured by $3.6m

The nation's leading heritage agency under-insured Lyttelton's 1876 Timeball Station by almost $3.6m.

Public split on new Christchurch stadium

Christchurch seems split on the idea of a new stadium in the city.

EQC: Auditor-General report shows good progress made

Auditor-General's report shows organisation is doing well, but it knows more work is needed.

EQC still lacking on customer service – report

EQC still needs to improve how it deals with customers and their complaints, a report has found.

The garden that love built: 2016 Gardena Gardener of the Year winner announced

A wife's gesture of love for her husband injured in Christchurch earthquake wins hearts... and a national title.

Woman who pinned her $472k theft on employer on post-quake trauma loses appeal

Woman who stole nearly $500,000 from her employer has had an appeal dismissed.

Court throws out $6.5m insurance offer for Henderson property

The bankrupt developer's attempt to revive a quake-damaged central Christchurch building has helped scupper its insurance payout.

CTV engineer inquiry 'not in public interest'

A full investigation into one of the CTV building's engineers would not be in the public interest, a judge has heard.

Gap Filler celebrates five years of brightening Christchurch's vacant spaces

Filling empty spaces in Christchurch following the earthquake became an art with Gap Filler.

Earthquake insurer Southern Response sets aside $4m for legal fees

Government-owned insurer sets aside $4m for legal costs over earthquake repairs.

Canterbury families tell their stories of quake rebuild

The stories of homes rebuilt from rubble have been sometimes dramatic, often inspiring, always emotional.

Holy Trinity church bells set to ring Lyttelton again

Part of Lyttelton’s Holy Trinity church will soon look out over its port town parish once more.

Christchurch's 100-day blueprint took 67 days with only 20-odd days of design

 Architect calls working on the blueprint as the "best moment of my career".

Leukaemia battle for Christchurch boy who lost his father in February 2011 quake

A 4-year-old boy who lost his father in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake is battling leukaemia.

Oamaru woman reunited with fingers 80 years after death

The unusual case of a woman separated from her fingers more than 80 years ago.

Cantabrians drop, cover, hold for ShakeOut quake drill

More than 77,000 Cantabrians have have taken part in a nationwide earthquake drill.

Growing Christchurch hospitality empires post-quake

Pomeroy's cafe off-shoot, Little Pom's, has opened next door.

Quake victim Stacey Herbert weeks away from visiting Hanger prosthetic clinic

Double-amputee Stacey Herbert heads to a special United States prosthetic clinic in a fortnight.

Court rules quake-damaged Lladro figurines are artworks

A Christchurch businessman has failed to prove his quake-damaged artworks . . . were not art.

CTV to debut doco series on East Christchurch

Eyes East TV series looks at issues facing East Christchurch

Wife creates dream garden for quake amputee husband Brian Coker

Wife creates dream garden for her husband, who had both legs amputated after being trapped in 2011 quake.

Heritage stone church rebuild

A $3.5 million project to rebuild the historic St Peter's Church in upper Riccarton is awaiting resource consent.

Heartbroken parents break silence to honour the extraordinary life of Brigitte Nimmo

Her life's work was helping others in trouble, so what happened to Inspector Brigitte Nimmo?

Daughter of EQC executive being investigated again

Investigation over an alleged threat to put a claim into a "blackhole".

EQC faces court challenge over repair policies

Homeowners take action against Earthquake Commission over its repair and cash settlement policies.

Young Cantabrians to have their say in shaping of Christchurch

A campaign giving young Cantabrians a say in shaping the future of their city has been launched.

Late, inadequate and frequently defective

OPINION: It's not only earthquake repairs that are defective.  The Earthquake Commission system is broken too, writes Duncan Webb.

'Inquisitive' duo caught inside Christ Church Cathedral

Two "inquisitive" intruders have been arrested after exploring inside quake-damaged Christ Church Cathedral.

Greendale residents smash pianos in earthquake memorial

Three pianos played their last tune, as they were smashed by Greendale residents during their earthquake memorial activities.

Rodents and rot: Canterbury Provincial Chambers a long-term fix

The Canterbury Provincial Chambers are among the most badly quake-damaged buildings in Christchurch being restored.

Kaiapoi five years on: Living on the edge

Hardy Kaiapoi residents have stayed on despite damage from the September quakes.

Hororata businesses find life tough after earthquake

The aftermath of the September 4, 2010, earthquake has been tough for Hororata, say residents.

The big question: is the shaking over for Canterbury?

Scientists are cautiously optimistic the worst of Canterbury's recent earthquake sequence may now be over.

Boom picked for central Christchurch in 2016

A new survey looks at how much rebuild progress has been made since September 2010.

Student volunteers will never forget feeling of helping others

Student volunteers learned about comraderie and the importance of community.

The munted earthquake dictionary

Charlie Gates draws on familiar place names to imagine a new lexicon for post-quake Canterbury.

Christchurch family in insurance limbo five years on

Family says post-quake insurance delays and hassles have stolen their children's childhoods.

Canterbury's months of earthquake innocence

Complacency after 2010's mag-7.1 earthquake proved fatal. Lessons were not learned. When February's quake hit, buildings not inspected rigorously enough killed and maimed.

Earthquake babies Lola Romero and Dianthe Barnard start school

Five years after the earthquake that marked their birth Canterbury's ''quake babies'' are starting school.

Five years on: Getting by 'one day at a time'


The quakes killed my business and put huge pressure on my marriage forcing me to focus on 'the little things'.

Arts Centre earthquake rebuild forges ahead

Earthquake repairs to the Christchurch Arts Centre, once feared as a decades-long, budget-breaking project, are nearly half complete.

Lyttelton Port vows to make most of quake 'opportunity'

Lyttelton Port is promising a developed waterfront including cafes and a purpose-built walkway, partly funded by quake insurance.

Five years on, 'it all feels incredibly sad'

Southshore Spit


Michele McCormack says she has watched her community disintegrate and longs to get out.

Five questions to mark five years since September 2010

Deans homestead at Homebush s

Is your life better or worse than it was five years ago? What has been the most significant change?

New walking trail through Christchurch's red-zone

A new walking trail through Christchurch's red zone aims to inspire.

Christchurch rebuild agencies rate poorly in infrastructure industry survey

Firms doing $10m-plus projects have rated Canterbury's biggest government agencies poorly on their ability to run bidding processes.

New Sabin Holloway exhibition captures aftermath of Christchurch earthquake

Christchurch photographer Sabin Holloway unveils a new exhibition of previously unseen photos from inside the red zone.

Ann Brower: Fix the parapets first

OPINION: Non-structural unreinforced masonry should be given priority in moves to make old buildings safer.

Chemical company lend hand to housing scheme

 Dow International have offered monetary and practical help to a Christchurch housing scheme.

No appeal after Graeme Robinson incompetence claims quashed

A professional engineering body will not appeal a decision clearing the actions of top Earthquake Commission staffer Graeme Robinson.

Brooklands: The town the Government couldn't kill

A small group of Brooklands residents are determined to keep the community alive.

Judge: Cera's slow demolitions not to blame for arsons

Judge rejects suggestion that CERA’s slowness in carrying out red zone demolitions contributed to spate of arsons.

Aftershock: Fiona Farrell's white-hot response to the Christchurch earthquake

REVIEW: Fiona Farrell has written a scorching polemic on the Christchurch earthquake.

Living in a wasteland - Christchurch's red-zone stayers

Alec and Helen Durie live on a street with no name, and they are the last remaining residents.

Red zoners back to court over compensation offer

Owners of vacant, commercial and uninsured red zone properties will get more money under a new deal.

The devil's in the 'technical' details in EQC revamp plan

The revamp of earthquake insurance could see EQC allowed to pay claims to banks rather than homeowners.

Gerry Brownlee cancels party over accusations of improper relationship with businesses

Gerry Brownlee has cancelled his own party because of claims of favouritism in the rebuild.

Council claws back rebuild power

The Christchurch City Council clawed back some power from the Government days before a new quake rebuild plan was released.

Photos: Christchurch residential red zone

You've seen the city's crumbled cathedral and empty lots. But have you seen the suburbs?

Christchurch east frame renaming 'a waste of resources'

A plan to rename Christchurch's east frame development is "a waste of resources".

Government misses red zone clearance target

Cera has pushed the deadline to demolish or remove residential red zone buildings to the end of July.

Christ Church Cathedral a 'symbol of negativity'

Church leaders should decide what to do with cathedral and "get on with it", city councillor says.

New Christchurch rebuild bosses to be revealed

The new leaders of Christchurch's earthquake rebuild will be announced this week.

Rollerblader captures Christchurch on film prior to ruinous earthquakes

A rollerblader who shot footage of pre-quake Christchurch has posted a video of the city in its unbroken state. 

Red zoners set for more compo

Some Christchurch red-zoners might be properly compensated for their earthquake-damaged properties and land, but the uninsured are feeling left out.

Gerry Brownlee: Southern Response lawsuit 'opportunistic'

Gerry Brownlee says lawsuit over insurance settlement delays is part "ambulance chaser".

Alan Reay cleared of CTV building deception claims

Alan Reay didn't mislead industry body over links to building, which collapsed in quake, killing 115 people.

Canterbury earthquake repair survey a 'whitewash'

Canterbury quake claimants group urges Government to carry out an independent review into repairs.

Demolition of Cathedral Square's Camelot Hotel captured in timelapse

Another icon from Christchurch city's past is almost gone, with the demolition of the Camelot Hotel in Cathedral Square due to finish this week.

Photographs show rebuild progress in post-quake Christchurch

Photos show how far the quake rebuild has come, and how far it has to go.

Live stream: Christchurch City Council decide on town hall

City Council decides whether to restore the quake-damaged Christchurch Town Hall.

Christchurch needs more social houses

Government says it needs to buy 440 properties to ease Christchurch social housing woes.

Cera staff leaving in droves

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority is losing dozens of staff members

Couch, caravan, garage - a Christchurch mum's struggle

Chantelle Erickson, her partner and their three young children have lived in a garage for a year - and she's exhausted.

Can Hollywood convey real horror of a massive quake? (spoiler)

A Christchurch quake survivor and film fan reviews San Andreas.

Red zone houses refurbished by offenders ready for needy families

Twelve houses at Rolleston Prison's construction yard are heading to new Christchurch sites for families in need.

Here for the Christchurch rebuild, living in a van

Matua Papuni has spent a year living in a van in a Christchurch car port after moving down for the rebuild.

'I think about suicide everyday' - Christchurch shed couple

Four months living in a Christchurch shed exacerbated Natasha Fa'aaliga's mental illness.

Christchurch quake mums sleeping in chairs, dining rooms

Sonya Tranter sleeps in armchair so three families can squeeze into a two-bedroom house.

Celebration Church's Porritt Park plans stymied by 'red tape'

A Christchurch church group's offer to redevelop earthquake-damaged Porritt Park has been rejected.

Help for Canterbury caravan mum Trina Nesbitt

Help has flooded in for a Canterbury mum stuck living in a caravan post-earthquake.

'I've had enough' - Canterbury caravan mum

Trina Nesbitt and her children live in a caravan because because she cannot find an affordable house in Christchurch.

Watch: Christchurch's central police station implosion

In a matter of seconds, up to 55kg of explosives took down this quake-damaged building.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament $45m four-year revamp

Christchurch's quake-damaged Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament will be revamped to the tune of $45 million over four years.

Southern Response withheld insurance information to avoid 'confusion'

Southern Response withheld costs information from earthquake claimants to avoid "confusion".

Red Cross packs help with Christchurch cold

Christchurch red zone dwellers and low income families have received care packages to help them through the cold snap.

How I'd fix Christchurch's quake-hit eastern suburbs

new brighton

Residents in Christchurch's eastern suburbs say it's time for "positive change", but where to start?

CTV building memorial at centre of Knox Plaza

Christchurch developer places memorial to those killed in the CTV building at the centre of his rebuilt business.

Relationships Aotearoa closing would be just the start, warns sector

The funding crisis facing Relationships Aotearoa could be the start of a "challenging time".

Canterbury mood disorders up post quake, boozing halved

Health professionals are at a loss to explain the findings of a post-quake Canterbury health study.

Earthquake stress triggers mental health issues

Vivienne ran her own business for 20 years until the quakes. Struck by a triple whammy of life events, she is in mental health care.

Earthquake disaster movie San Andreas coming to Christchurch

Are Christchurch cinemagoers ready to see a blockbuster movie about a devastating earthquake?

Police station implosion won't clash with Christchurch Marathon

The implosion of Christchurch's old police station will not clash with the city's marathon.

Cash payment warranted quake worker's dismissal - ERA

A former Fletcher EQR worker has lost an ERA case after he was dismissed for taking cash to help write a contractor's quotes.

Court grants Crown's central Christchurch land grab

The High Court has allowed the Crown to take over a block of central Christchurch land before compensation has been paid. 

Should quake memorial chairs go on CTV site?

The artist behind the 185 chair quake memorial sculpture wants it permanently placed on the former CTV site.

Earthquake memorial 'says nothing about Christchurch'

Winning design for quake memorial says nothing about Christchurch, landscape architect says. 

185 earthquake memorial chairs face uncertain future

The artist behind the the city's unofficial earthquake memorial is "mulling over" its future.

Insurer to contest court-ordered compo

An insurance company is going to the Supreme Court to dispute a judgment that could cost it millions of dollars in payouts to Christchurch red-zoners.

Proposed Chch youth housing won't become a "ghetto"

A proposed youth housing project will not turn into a "ghetto of naughty kids'.

Christchurch floods: one year on

A year on from floods that hit Christchurch neighbourhoods Michael Wright talks to residents about whether they are happy about efforts to prevent trouble in future downpours.

Public asked to stay away from Christchurch police station implosion

Spectators keen to watch Christchurch's old central city police station blow up are being asked to watch online.

Trust helps 66 children who lost parent in Christchurch earthquake

Molly and Matilda's mum Kelly was killed in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

EQC fights adverse findings against its top engineer

EQC is trying to shut down adverse findings about its top engineer Graeme Robinson.

Underwrite rents to get homeless off streets - Buck

Vicki Buck wants the CCC to underwrite rents on 40 private houses to help the homeless.

South Canterbury Nepal trust worried following quake

Forgotten Sherpas of Nepal Trust members say they don't know the fate of the areas they service in Nepal.

Christchurch quake survivors and the long road to mental recovery

After recovering, there is the recovering from the recovering. And it may take 10 years.

Nelson woman in Nepal has flashbacks to Christchurch earthquake

Dulkara Martig had flashbacks of the Christchurch quakes as she ran for safety in Nepal.

Squatting in Christchurch's quake abandoned buildings

The flame from Luke's cigarette lighter flickers down the dark corridors of an abandoned Christchurch building.

Contractor numbers cut as EQC home repair programme downsizes

Major downsizing of the Fletcher-managed earthquake home repair programme will not slow progress in its final phase, the company says.

Rugby union OK with possible Lancaster return

The Crusaders and Canterbury teams would return to the old AMI Stadium if it was repaired, region's rugby boss says.

Acting Cera chief to stay in role

Cera's acting chief executive John Ombler will continue in the role until the end of the year.

Public input sought on red-zone compensation

The Government will consult the public on possible revised compensation offers for some Christchurch red-zoners.

Quake info hub back by popular demand

Cash settlements and flooding expected to be talking points at new quake help desk for Christchurch residents.

More than 40 South Canterbury claims yet to be settled following earthquakes

More than 40 South Canterbury properties with building claims arising from the Canterbury earthquakes are yet to be settled.

Developer abandons Christchurch for Auckland

The owner of the ruined BNZ building in Cathedral Square says it cannot afford to rebuild.

Freshwater habitats decimated by quakes

Silt and sewage damaged 100km of Christchurch waterways, which may take decades to recover.

Insurer's U-turn delights quake-hit couple

An earthquake-affected Christchurch couple have successfully opposed an insurer-imposed cash settlement.

Eye in the sky captures red zoned Dallington, Burwood

New videos created by an IT man in Christchurch give a bird's-eye view of two quake-stricken suburbs.

Quake companies accused of breaching human rights

Quake-hit homeowners are taking IAG and Fletcher EQR to an international human rights body.

EQC claims manager starts own claims firm

EQC claims manager forms own assessment company but has a process to avoid conflicts.

Bexley suburb returns to nature

'It's getting much easier to live here'

The Christchurch suburb of Bexley is almost off the map.

2015 will be 'year of momentum' for Christchurch

Canterbury is one-quarter of the way to recovery, with 2015 "a year of momentum" say city leaders.

CTV victim's father welcomes litigation

One of the complainants against CTV designer Alan Reay is overjoyed legal action may be heard.

Alan Reay faces disciplinary hearing over CTV building declaration

Engineering expert may have backed Alan Reay even if he knew of his involvement in failed CTV building.

Drone footage shows quake-ravaged Christchurch suburb

Video shows quake-ravaged Avonside

New video shows the remains of one of Christchurch's quake-stricken riverside suburbs.

Reid Stiven to depart Earthquake Commission

EQC manager Reid Stiven will leave the organisation at the end of April.

Database snapshot of tree coverage

Thousands of red-zone trees have been logged in a Cera database as it nears the end of its land-clearance project.

Rebuilding Christ Church Cathedral is 'not a compromise' says Jim Anderton

A plan to rebuild the Christ Church Cathedral in wood means demolishing it first, says Jim Anderton.

Sir Miles Warren design may break four-year Christ Church Cathedral deadlock

Anglican leaders consider restoration options for Christ Church Cathedral.

What do we want from a memorial?

What do we want from a quake memorial - a list of names on a plaque or an experience?

Christchurch quake: Running through the rubble


Four years after the Christchurch earthquake, a survivor recounts her experiences of the aftermath.

Court orders quake compensation land revised

Quake Outcasts pleased with Supreme Court ruling but fear more battles to come.

Red-zone 'fairness' argument rejected

Analysis: The Supreme Court's decision on compensation for the Quake Outcasts and their fellow red-zoners hinges on one point.

No health risk with asbestos removal: Cera

Asbestos being removed from Christchurch’s residential red zone does not pose a health hazard, Cera says.

Quake Outcasts win in Supreme Court

Human Rights Commission 'delighted' by Quake Outcasts' Supreme Court win.

Red zoners four-year battle for justice

It has been a long battle for uninsured red-zoners, but NZ's highest court has finally ordered the Government to reconsider its offer.

Quakes stripped each resident of 150 days of "healthy life"

Cantabrians each lost 150 days of "healthy life" in the aftermath of the February earthquake, new research claims.

Christchurch earthquake: 'We're here to stay'


At 12.51pm on that fateful day I was about to head out of our office building in Latimer Square.

Quake cuts healthy life short by 150 days

Each Cantabrian lost 150 days of "healthy life" in February earthquake aftermath, study claims.

Four years on: The post-quake learning curve


Christchurch is tough game, yet here we are, still learning, and still working towards change.

Baden Ewart to head Christchurch central city rebuild

An interim director for the Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) has been announced ahead of the departure of current leader Warwick Isaacs.

Red-zone house shoved beyond property boundary

House moves over boundary

Tony Bennett's Sumner home is full of cracks, has moved over his boundary, and is red-zoned - but his insurer insists it can be repaired.

When will Christchurch police station implode?

Cop station demo team: Reported date wrong

Demolition team says the former police station's implosion will not happen on April 18 as reported on social media.