Christchurch earthquake

Cliff-top properties judged risk to life

Port Hills home

The fate of Port Hills properties in limbo since the 2011 earthquake has finally been revealed.

Is a new life emerging in Christchurch?

Homebush, Sept 5, 2010

Does it feel like the beginning of a fresh start for Christchurch and Canterbury where you are?

EQC 'failed' to give top engineer support

Reid Stiven

Complainants against an EQC engineer overstated his role and misunderstood EQC's, says his lawyer.

$855,000 to repair classroom

Yani Johanson

Anglican Church will get council grant to help repair block at St Michael's School.

EQC engineer breaks down at hearing

Graeme Robinson

The EQC's top engineer turned up to do a repair strategy for a garage which had been condemned.

Town Hall rebuild bids sought

Christchurch Town Hall

The council wants to hear from firms keen to rebuild the Town Hall although the project may not go ahead.

Sumner residents plea for $10m hub

Sumner librarys

Sumner residents are impatient for a new $10m hub to 'help the village prosper'.

Loving the Christchurch life

Christchurch life

We moved to Christchurch in 2013 to find a thriving city. Now I can't imagine living anywhere else.

EQC engineer denies bullying

Graeme Robinson

The EQC top engineer made assessments without tools and was arrogant and bullying.

EQC engineer in disciplinary hearing

Graeme Robinson

Public needs to be protected from actions of EQC's top engineer, homeowner tells disciplinary committee.

Girl has never known an undamaged home

Dion Paxie

Ephelia Paxie has never known an undamaged home and her dad is losing hope over quake repairs.

College rejects Reay's money

Alan Reay

Canterbury University's engineering college rejects cash donation from boss of the company that designed failed CTV building.

Cathedral wars heating up

Christ Church Catherdral

Campaigners opposing the demolition of Christ Church Cathedral have launched a PR offensive.

Quakes can affect babies' progress, says expert

A baby

Post-quake babies could be more prone to crime, abuse and gambling as adults.

A city treasury of visual culture

Chapman's Homer

OPINION: Maintaining the cultural heartbeat of Christchurch is a key a part of our rebuild.

Quake payout doubles Skellerup profits


Skellerup Holdings posts after-tax profit of $41.1m, boosted by $20m Canterbury earthquake insurance settlement

Shaking off my fear of quakes


Sara Fenn has been able to overcome her fears because she survived the darkest one.

6000 vulnerable quake claimants wait

EQC, Earthquake Commission

Thousands of vulnerable EQC and insurance customers are still waiting for a resolution.

QEII site gets nod for $30m sports centre


Queen Elizabeth II stadium recommended as new home for $30.5m recreation and sport centre.

Videos to cheer up quake-weary Cantabrians

Jesters' videos try to cheer up Cantabrians

Fix It Building Services video

Videos featuring Court Theatre Jesters aim to wrest reluctant chuckles from Christchurch residents dealing with post-quake stresses.

Cathedral advocates 'appalled' at comparisons


Senior bishop's call for Christchurch to stop clinging to the past angers restoration advocates.

Patience needed to change an insurer's view

Builder, new house, generic

OPINION: Putting a dispute over repairs in front of a judge is costly, but may be necessary if the insurer shows no sign of budging.

Where to next for our sinking city?

Avondale liquefaction

OPINION: Large and expensive developments in areas most susceptible to liquefaction will be challenging to justify to Kiwis.

Bravery of quake rescuers recognised

Bryce Curran

Two anaesthetists awarded for exceptional bravery during the February earthquake.

Does Christchurch have a rat problem?


Reports of rats marauding fringes of Christchurch's residential red zone have some crying plague.

Approach to Key advances EQC claim

Paulette Barr

Any doubts Paulette Barr had about confronting John Key have diminished after EQC fast-track her case.

Homeowner - at 3degC - is over EQC

Ken Keir

Ken Keir was happy when he was paid out $113k by EQC - then it asked for it back.

Principals past get on with their lives

Quake principals move on after schools close

Lee Walker

Seven principals were left questioning their futures when their schools were closed last year. Some have left education, while others travel.

Council holds out on church repair bid

House construction

Church's bid to fix school held as council mulls plans for other buildings it owns, including cathedral.

88 house checks and still waiting

63-year-old Gavin still fighting for home repair

Gavin Johnstone

Gavin Johnstone is among 62 Cantabrians whose treatment by insurers and construction companies has resulted in a human rights complaint.

Govt 'creatively accounting' for rebuild

Winston Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters accuses Govt of deceit on the cost of the Christchurch rebuild.

Fake engineer worked on Queensland projects

Gerald Shirtcliff

Qld projects to be reassessed after Gerald Shirtcliffe, who worked on CTV, worked on them using fake name and qualifications.

Experts want to save the cathedral

Conservation 'not just about saving old things'


A restoration expert, an architect and an architectural historian tell Paul Focamp that Christ Church Cathedral is too valuable to be demolished.

Double amputee dreams of walking down the aisle

A woman's dream after quake took both legs

Stacey Herbert

Double amputee Stacey Herbert still dreams of walking down the aisle.

Tearful woman confronts John Key

Paulette Barr

Paulette Barr tells Prime Minister "it's really cold" in her unrepaired quake-hit Shirley home.

Family forced to move nine times

Mt Pleasant family

Mt Pleasant family has moved nine times - soon to be 10 - since the February 2011 earthquake.

Up and away: Waste wings its way off cliffs

Demolition waste being moved in helicopter


More than 100 tonnes of building waste are being airlifted off the Port Hills as part of Christchurch's first helicopter-assisted demolition.

Learning to play game of claims


A clear head and the right information is what really counts when dealing with insurance companies.

Red-zoners get more time to mull over buyouts

Roger Sutton

Port Hills red-zoners get six-month extension on Crown's offer to purchase their homes.

Flood-prone may get cash to lift homes

Waimea Tce flooding

Council considering giving flood-prone residents up to $20k towards cost of raising homes.

Red-zone aim 'was not land clearance'

David Goddard

Court hears red-zone offers were designed to give people control, not force them off their land.

Hazardous waste removed by truckload

red zone homes

5kg of needles were among more than 320,000kg of waste recovered from the red zone.

Quake zones not govt policy decision

Quake Outcasts

The creation of zones classifying quake-damaged land was not a government policy decision, court hears.

Engineer for EQC to face hearing

Graeme Robinson

Top engineer who trains EQC staff faces disciplinary hearing after claims he based conclusions on biased thinking.

Redcliffs School stays in Sumner for now

Redcliffs School

School likely to remain in Sumner for another year as it waits to hear if Main Road site is safe.

Quake waste dumping an 'emerging trend'


Judge denounces post-quake trend of waste dumping in the demolition industry and fines contractor $33,000.

'Red zone policy never explained'

Francis Cooke

Quake Outcasts tell court the Government did not explain why the CER Act wasn't followed.

Insurance battle grinds couple down

Mike Hamel

Exhausted owners of now-bust hair salon Ginger Meggs say they were let down by their insurers.

When you disagree with quake repair assessment

Construction, contractors, rebuild

OPINION: If an insurer's expert will not change their view, it is best to obtain your own expert to point out shortcomings.

Broken windows mystery solved

Broken glass at Christchurch council

Shattering glass at Christchurch's council offices down to repeated quake movement.

Flight bill soars for Canty quake bureaucrats

Gerry Brownlee

Staff amass "excessive" bill after flying between Christchurch and Wellington 7286 times since 2011.

Good news for Redcliffs commuters

Chch road cones

Redcliffs commuters rushing home to kick off the weekend will be met with a welcome surprise this afternoon when the three-week closure of Main Rd is lifted.

Kids need reassurance over news reports

Gaza crisis

TV images of MH17 crash and slain Palestinian children need parental guidance, expert says.

Quake-prone centre 'unsafe to occupy'

David Meates

Staff at Burwood Hospital's spinal cord centre forced to move out after further quake damage found.

Peters claims quake workers weren't paid

Winston Peters

Winston Peters tells Parliament that Earthquake Services boss told his staff not to pay tax.

Quake refugee's career takes off

Classical singer started busking after quake

rebecca nelson

The dream is slowly coming true for a former Christchurch singer, who took to busking after the 2011 earthquake.

EQC letter cold comfort to flooded resident


A letter confirming the "potential" for flood risk on Carla Martin's property is not worth the paper it is written on.

Aussies offer rebuild help

Joe Hockey in Chch

But AMI stadium giving off a "temporary" vibe about city to international audiences, treasurer says.

CBD scene compared with 100 years ago


Photographs of Christchurch from 1914 show how the quakes have knocked the city back in time.

Flood-hit families ineligible for claims

Jo Byrne

Flockton basin residents told their land doesn't meet the EQC criteria for increased flood risk.

The Christchurch Town Hall must be saved

chris moore

OPINION: The town hall is 'timeless and perfectly suited' for purpose and should be restored.

EQC staffer denies misusing cars

EQC cars

Former EQC employee pleads not guilty to dishonestly using company vehicles and a fuel card.

Study shows impact of quake stress

Professor David Fergusson

Those who suffered most during the quakes are twice as likely to be addicted to smoking.

Historic home halfway to reassembly

Historic mansion relocates across Chch

Lake End 1909 in Fendalton

The six-part relocation of a 105-year-old Christchurch mansion reached its halfway point yesterday.

Cera forks out $672k for 'info' campaigns

Roger Sutton

Cera spent more than half a million on promotional material in the last year, including $317k on flashy videos promoting the rebuild.

A childhood interrupted by quakes

Childhood interrupted

Christchurch's quake kids entered "an adult world of worry" before their time, say parents.

Making a spectacle of Christchurch demos

Video shows aerial view of the central city

Alejandro Haiek Coll

An internationally renowned architect wants to make a "spectacle" of Christchurch demolitions by giving the public a place to watch.

CTV engineer admits career 'over'

David Harding

CTV designer has apologised to families of the 115 who died in his building, and says his career is 'all but over'.

Who pays for unseen quake damage?

quake damage house

Once a homeowner shows there is damage, it is the insurer's role to determine the extent of that damage.

EQC kept mum about asbestos-infected house

Angela Dawson

EQC identified the asbestos risk in a quake-damaged home but failed to tell the family living in it.

Teen feels left out of rebuild process

Ferg Grenfell

Teen finds 'nothing positive' and 'no vibrancy' in Christchurch with 'slow, frustrating' decision-making.

Design for quake memorial open to all

Earthquake Memorial chairs

The multi-million dollar Canterbury Earthquakes Memorial could be designed by anyone.

Victim's father to state concerns about Harding

David Harding

Tim Elms to take the stand at today's inquiry into CTV building engineer David Harding.

Our 'new normal' is a reality show

Tributes left on the CTV site's wire fence

OPINION: If only Gaylene Preston had spared us the thrush, racism, violence and ''disaster sex".

Human right abuse claims spike after quakes

david rutherford

A man and his terminally-ill housemate 'cannot cope any more' after 68 official visits to their quake-hit home but still no repairs.

River site tipped for quake memorial

avon river

Christchurch's earthquake memorial is tipped to be on the Avon River in the central city.

Dramatic role just part of the job for Cera

Roger Sutton

Cera has been thanked in the credits of a polarising TV series based on the Canterbury quakes.

Online consultation scheme gains interest

Nearly 200 people have given feedback on the $35k consultation scheme for east Christchurch.

Reality check on Christchurch town hall cost

Christchurch Town Hall

Decision makers need to be "smart, not sentimental" about the Christchurch Town Hall.

Christchurch $3000 job incentive nets 50

Sam O'Carroll

Jobless in Wellington and with a $3000 carrot dangling, it was too tempting for Sam O'Carroll.

Ernst & Young makes way

former Ernst & Young building

The demolition of the former Ernst & Young building on Cambridge Tce should be complete within about six weeks.

Car-park building to go before Christmas


The Lichfield St car-park building will be demolished before the pre-Christmas retail rush, the Christchurch City Council says.

Labour insurance policy 'mixed bag'

insurance 300x200

Insurance industry opposes Labour plan for an independent insurance commissioner, but welcomes review.

Protest unlikely to save memorial hall

Memorial hall protest

A heartfelt protest is unlikely to save an historic building dedicated to 71 students who died in WWI.

Town hall restoration on hold

Christchurch Town Hall

Multi-million dollar restoration of the Town Hall put on hold as the council assesses its finances.

EQC floor level assessments 'inadequate'

EQC, Earthquake Commission

Shonky floor level measurements made by EQC contractors led to poor assessments - institute.

Japan PM: Visit stirs sad memories

Japan PM at CTV

Michio Humphreys stood at the Madras St railing as the motorcade rolled by. She waved a small Japanese flag.

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe visits CTV site

japan strap

Shinzo Abe, who knows something about earthquake tragedy, lays a wreath at the CTV site. | Whaling looms large

Raewyn's courage inspires TV show

Red-zone 'camp mum' inspires TV drama

Raewyn Iketau and Charlie Duthie

Raewyn Iketau is a survivor.

A dispatch from the front line

PR manager leaves Southern Response

Southern Response protest

OPINION: People need more info to understand time frames and complexity of rebuild, says Sam Fisher.

Insurers must stay the course on house repairs

Construction, contractors, rebuild

OPINION: Once the insurer decided whether to repair or pay out, it cannot change its mind because of difficulties with the repair.

Hope and Wire divides viewers

Hope and Wire

Grating. Shameful. Moving. Public reaction to Hope & Wire was nothing if not varied. l Series like a punch to stomach

Hope and Wire like punch to stomach

Series left me jumping at loud noises again

Hope and Wire

OPINION: However having seen the whole series, and with the benefit of a few weeks to mull it over, I'm glad Hope and Wire exists.

Doco style saps Hope and Wire of potency

hope and Wire

In its attempts not to offend, a series about the Canterbury earthquakes seems to let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Hopes dashed as Harding resigns

David Harding

"Another avenue to accountability" for CTV collapse gone after its designer escaped disciplinary hearing, victim's father says.

Hope and Wire delivers solid drama

But shame so few Canterbury actors used

Hope and Wire

OPINION: Swearing and skinheads aside, quake series Hope and Wire is a really good drama.

CTV engineer quits industry body

'A blow for the families of the 115 victims'

David Harding

Construction minister 'disappointed and concerned' that CTV engineer quits industry body a week before disciplinary hearings.

Red-zone couple rush to move

Cera 'hassle' after hard move exceeds deadline

Robert and Isobel Snow

Elderly couple feel pressured by Cera's approach, having failed to meet the deadline to vacate their Burwood home.

Family live in fear of asbestos exposure

Concerns EQC repairs left asbestos in heatpump

Daniel and Nicola Moore

A Christchurch family are distressed after their earthquake repairs may have exposed them to asbestos.

Gaylene Preston: I'll walk beside you

Gaylene Preston

OPINION: Gaylene Preston, maker of quake series Hope and Wire, looks back at her own earthquake experiences.

Steve Hicks sorry for 'stress and disappointment'

Steve Hicks

Police investigate after Christchurch firm went bust, leaving homeowners and creditors out of pocket.

Quake series causes controversy

Film-maker defends quake drama

Gaylene Preston

Will a television drama set amid the Christchurch earthquakes re-open the wounds left by 2011?

Quake drama carries health warnings

hope and wire

TV3 is fielding complaints before a new series set during the 2011 Christchurch quake even goes to air.

$5m for TV quake drama

Hope & Wire

"Does it need all the quakes?" asked budget assessor of taxpayer-funded TV quake drama.

Lianne Dalziel to lecture on resilience

Lianne Dalziel

Mayor Lianne Dalziel to speak at London forum about learning from crisis next week.

Mayor pleads for safer buildings sooner

Christchurch aerial post-earthquake, generic, housing, suburbs, suburbia, houses

Earthquake victims will have died in vain if building safety laws aren't fast-tracked, mayor says.

Landlord convicted of fake EQC claims

Chch landlord signed invoice in her cat's name

Sally Mengtung Ye

A Christchurch landlord has been convicted of submitting false quake repair claims worth more than $27k.

Rockfall mitigation a 'vain hope'


A new report confirms rockfall risk on the Port Hills can be mitigated but is not financially viable.

'Stressed' pilot made unsafe foggy landing

Air New Zealand black livery

Pilot stressed by quakes made an unsafe landing in fog and only saw the runway while 30m above it.

Energy company billing demolished house

Power, electricity, power lines, power pole

Port Hills couple plagued with Contact Energy payments after calling to disconnect months before.

Red-zone promise 'reckless' - Brownlee

Jan Ellis red-zoned land

Earthquake minister questions wisdom of Labour's commitment to buy red zone properties.

Excitement at CBD return

dean palmer

Dean Palmer remembers the building shaking. The noise of breaking glass was deafening.

Awards recognition for quake rescuers who risked their lives

The actions of those people who risked their own lives to help the injured and trapped after the February 22, 2011, earthquake have been recognised with New Zealand bravery awards. Today, The Press joins in honouring their heroism. 

Policemen: we were just doing our jobs

Constable Mike Kneebone, Acting Senior Sergeant Mike Brooklands and Constable Shane Cowles

Police officers, who were first on the scene of the collapsed CTV building, are "humbled" by bravery awards. | List of recipients | Humble heroes

Humble heroes honoured

Dr Bryce Curran

Rescuers saved Brian's life by cutting off his legs with a hacksaw and a Leatherman knife.

Battered CBD still offers family fun

Plenty of family fun - if you know where to look

Catherine and Charlotte Woods

Finding the positive in a post-quake city can be a tough ask, but Catherine Woods says there's plenty for families to do in the CBD.

EQC secures reinsurance cover

EQC Ian Simpson

Agency gets cover worth $4.5 billion, up from $3.25 billion last year, chief executive Ian Simpson says.

CTV engineer faces disciplinary action

David Harding

Man who designed deadly building 'largely unsupervised' is summoned to disciplinary hearings.

Insurance woes follow purchase of quake-hit home

Houses, real estate, property, insurance, mortgage

Some insurers are backtracking on earlier offers to transfer cover when quake-hit homes were sold.

Quake-hit Cantabrians still struggling

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

Two-thirds of quake-hit residents tired and grieving, with those still battling insurers the worst off.

Former drainage boss denies fraud


Former boss of Christchurch drainage firm denies deceiving quake-hit residents of up to $20k each.

Landlord denies fake quake-repair claims

Sally Mengtung Ye

Landlord accused of filing false invoices for $27k of quake repairs says she paid for work in cash.

$1 reserve for red-zone house auction

Phyllis and Michael Thorn

Couple who missed insurance payment put their red-zoned house up for sale with a $1 reserve.

Three years since earthquake reminder

On June 13, 2011, Chch was rattled again

June 13 2011 christchurch quake

Three years ago today, Christchurch was once again brought to its knees.

Expert shows court fake invoice theory


Police computer expert shows how a Christchurch landlord may have made false invoices for quake-repair work.

Go West, Christchurch CBD

Cathedral Square

Move on, rebuild the CBD, and our grandchildren will be grateful, Nigel Cooper writes.

Landlord denies faking quake claims


Christchurch landlord disputes allegations she faked documents to claim $28k of emergency repair work.

Unveiling symbolises city's rebirth

 Katie Mills

New Zealand's most famous suffragette has been "liberated" again after the Canterbury earthquakes.

EQC cheque buoys council home repairs

CCC logo

The Christchurch City Council's social housing repair and rebuild programme has received a $15 million cash injection from the Earthquake Commission (EQC).

Another winter of discontent

Peggy Holdthuson

Out of hospital with a clean bill of health, Peggy Holdthuson should be relaxing at home.

Retrospective asbestos checks urged


Contractor fears 'thousands' of quake-hit homes were fixed without asbestos testing.

Council seeks clarification over claims

court generic

Christchurch City Council joins court action seeking clarification over land damage claims.

Outcasts' fate in Supreme Court hands


Supreme Court to decide fate of Quake Outcasts after revised red zone offers ruled out.

Woman charged over EQC car misuse

EQC cars

A 24-year-old Christchurch woman has been arrested over the alleged misuse of EQC vehicles.

EQC hassles inspire charitable song

Quake hassles inspire charitable song

eqc blues

A song inspired by Cantabrians' frustrations with the Earthquake Commission has turned into a fundraising venture for people in need. 

Bishopdale library repair costs double

book sale

Rocketing costs have forced a rethink on plans for fixing Bishopdale's library.

Provincial chambers repair bill $70m

Canterbury Provincial Council building

The Canterbury Provincial Council buildings are insured for $30m but will cost up to $70m to repair.

Uncertain future for quake-hit facilities

NZ money, cash

Christchurch communities may need to chip in if they want their quake-damaged facilities repaired.

Cantabs share quake survival tips

Cantabs share tips for coping in a quake

survival kit

Tips from people who lived through the Canterbury earthquakes will be used to help others prepare. | Fault at risk of rupture

Evidence vital in drainage cases

Graham Daniel Lilley

City homeowners who fell foul of Alligator Drainage Ltd may have some relief in sight.

Fault at risk of rupture

Alpine Fault

Report says there is a 65 per cent chance the Alpine Fault will rupture in the next 50 years.

Firm fined $30k for dumping quake waste

Oakleigh Innovation waste dumping

Canterbury company penalised for illegally disposing of items such as books and carpet on farm.

Owners of rockfall property fight back


A couple who failed to convince a judge their Sumner home was a writeoff are going back to court.

Engineers defend building standards

House construction

Engineering body rejects claims it knows building thresholds for quake-prone structures are ''unacceptably low''.

Inquiry into Alan Reay dropped

Alan Reay

Families of CTV victims say dropping inquiry again man whose firm designed the building has "got the feel of Pike River".

Investigation over CTV engineer dropped

No action over CTV collapse

Alan Reay

Engineer whose firm designed the CTV building says dropped inquiry was unreasonable.

Law students take on EQC


Law students are volunteering their time to help residents take court action against EQC.

Pets quake victims, too

3000 animals killed in disaster

dog liquefaction

In times of disaster, saving pets equals saving people, a University of Canterbury expert says.

Quake broke down prejudices

quake neighbours

I had decided my neighbour was a complete tosser and we'd never be friends. How wrong I was.

Curing quake-weary Cantab kids

Curing quake-weary kids



Ashleigh Stewart unearths a heart-warming story of a Christchurch castle in the clouds, floored by the quakes, but now helping heal the psychological wounds of vulnerable children.

Cuts to EQC enable $372m surplus

EQC, Earthquake Commission

A surprise $300 million Budget surplus relies mainly on a cut to EQC's insurance bill.

'Landlords should pay for strengthening'

quake strengthening

Business tenants believe landlords should pay for earthquake strengthening to buildings.

Jones: We can't keep sinking cash into pool

Ali Jones

A blowout in the budget for fixing Waltham Lido Pool prompts warning from city councillor.

PM to Labour: 'How would you run surplus?'

david cunliffe and john key

Key challenges Labour to explain how it would pay for its election promises and run a surplus.

Government 'holding back' on quake costs

David Cunliffe

Labour asks if Canterbury's earthquake recovery money is being held back to enable budget surplus.

Demolitions damage more than quakes

Contractors 'wreak havoc' in Brooklands

Brookland footpaths

Contractors demolishing houses in Brooklands do more damage than the earthquakes, residents say.

Historic house lands new site

house moved

A red-zoned Christchurch mansion will be put on show when it is moved to a prime new spot halfway across the city.

Chch homes decay as residents wait

quake damage house

Most of us can cope with a multitude of issues if 'home' is okay, Gabrielle Frayling writes.

Red-zone homes key to rockfall work

Lidia Belles and Andrew Abakhan

The use of red-zoned homes on the Port Hills may be key to dealing with the rockfall risk.

Liquefaction stockpile put to work in rebuild

burwood silt

Silt and mud shovelled from quake-hit properties are being used for repairs and construction.

Red-zone homes in 'suspicious' blaze

Fire on New Brighton Rd

Two vacant red-zoned Christchurch homes have gone up in flames this morning.

Is the residential red zone unlawful?

Matthew Sandrey and Ernest Tsao

The Quake Outcasts will have their case heard in New Zealand's highest court.

$300,000 homes for Christchurch

Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae

Buyers may soon be able to buy salvaged and relocated red-zoned homes for $300,000.

Expert explains Section 38 regulations

Christchurch's heritage-listed Public Trust Office

OPINION: Lawyer Mark Christensen explains the rules associated with demolishing heritage buildings.

Port Hills rockfall barriers 'largely unaffordable'

Port Hillss

Port Hills residents battling to stay in their red-zoned homes are unlikely to get further council help.

Demolition of cliff-top homes begins

Clifton Hill red zone demolitions begin

clifton hill demolition

A team consisting of Southern Response, Cera and Arrow International has begun demolishing red-zoned homes on the Port Hills.

Valuations add to red-zone stress

red zone homes

Council extends objection period after concerns revaluations caused added stress to red-zoners.

Can Christchurch be saved?

Christ Church Cathedral

Rebuilding New Zealand's second-biggest city was always going to be challenging.

Avondale bridge has reopened

Avondale bridge works

Repairs and strengthening work on the earthquake-damaged bridge, which began last February .

There is no 'first-fix' for Chch

Christchurch CBD

We can't afford to just focus on one problem in Christchurch, Neil Spray writes.

Council won't act to halt Majestic demolition

Majestic Theatre

The council has ruled out taking legal action to try and stop the demolition of the Majestic Theatre.

Shock at broken city sparks blanket drive

Tracey Keen

A Matamata woman's trip to Christchurch shocked her so much she started a drive to refill the blanket bank.

Christchurch rental rip-off must stop

Generic for rent sign

Landlords increasing rental prices to cream insurance payouts need to be capped immediately.

Quake appeal allocates all funds raised

NZ money, cash

Libraries, orchestras and sports groups among the causes to benefit from $99m donated to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust.

EQC appoints two to replace one

EQC, Earthquake Commission

Two high-profile EQC officials will fill the void left by the outgoing customer services general manager.

Quakes bring security for moteliers

Sally and Allan Clark

Before the February 2011 earthquakes, Christchurch's motels were not doing so well.

Student army leader hangs up his shovel

Jason Pemberton

After more than 1800 volunteer projects, Volunteer Army Foundation co-founder Jason Pemberton is looking forward to a holiday.

'Priority' family living in tent

Weathering freezing rains and floods

Family living in tent

Huddled together in a freezing tent as rain batters their makeshift home is how one Christchurch family has spent two months.

Google images reveal quake impact on Chch

Crowne Plaza

Google Maps users will now be able to turn back time to see what Christchurch landmarks used to look like.

Warning stickers for quake-prone buildings

Red sticker

Earthquake-prone buildings should carry visible warning stickers, says Canterbury's health board.

Demolition on Victoria Apartments nears finish

Demolition of Victoria Apartments nears finish

Demolition of Victoria Apartments

Demolition has started on the 13-storey Victoria Apartments building in central Christchurch, damaged in the February 2011 quake.

State housing quake repairs below target

State house

Repairs on Christchurch's crippled state housing stock are failing to keep pace as deadlines loom for the work.

Greens call for blue zone

WANTING ANSWERS: Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee.

Gerry Brownlee dismissed a push to buy flood-prone houses without official advice, an MP says.

Legal advice may not cover size of insurance settlement

Generic money

OPINION: With cash settlements for repair or rebuild, if there is any doubt about the sum offered, take advice from a building professional.

Churches' fate still bound by red tape

More than 100 churches still out of action

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

Many celebrated a fourth Easter in makeshift facilities with more than 100 quake-hit Canterbury churches still out of action.

Public to have a say on red zones' future

red zone homes

The public will play a part in deciding what the residential red zones will look like in the future, Prime Minister John Key says.

Earthquake stress plea to insurers

Stressed, anxious man

Insurers need to better recognise the stress many of their customers are under, psychologist says.

Inspections rise after demolitions spark safety fears

Generic demolition

Demolition site inspections ramping up due to safety concerns, particuarly over treatment of asbestos.

Life in the rebuild's waiting room

Baby only known life in temporary village

Jack Gould

A small kitset house in a temporary village set up after Canterbury's earthquakes is the only home 8-month-old Jack Gould has known.

Pool repairs could cost city $6m

Jellie Park

Pioneer and Jellie Park pools need extensive repairs, with early council estimates at $6m.

Royals to meet quake victims' families

William and Kate

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will today meet families of the 185 people killed in the quake as well as survivors.

Saving a sense of history

Trinity Church

Demolition of the Majestic theatre has consigned another Christchurch heritage building to the history books, but what fate awaits city landmarks still standing?

Quake legislation not enough, says Council

chch quake

Lessons from Christchurch's 2011 earthquake are not reflected in new legislation, the city council says.

Cera requests Cathedral rebuild cost


Government officials are seeking information on Christ Church Cathedral's restoration costs.

Majestic Theatre decision 'not made lightly'

Majestic Theatre

Council seeks 'urgent' legal advice over Majestic Theatre demolition despite $18m cost of any rebuild.

Street repairs ignoring upgrade plans

street repairs

Contractors repairing some Christchurch streets are not doing promised upgrades at the same time.

Urgent wait list for housing rises by 100

Glen Innes state houses

About 500 Cantabrians are now waiting, in urgent need of state housing.

Insurance not always common sense

duncan webb strap

The quote to repair our TC3 home is higher than our GV, or to buy a new home. What are our options?

Abandoned police station to be demolished

Hereford St police station

The former Christchurch police station, abandoned after quake concerns, will be demolished.

How does a city bounce back?

chch quake

Christchurch is learning the hard way that disaster recovery is as much about politics as rebuilding.

Key EQC role gone, two more created

Bruce Emson

Customer services boss Bruce Emson leaves EQC to allow room for two new roles.

Engineers remain well regarded

CTV building

Quake-induced building collapses and a mining disaster have had "minimal" impact on public perception of engineers.

Helicopter used for Port Hills home repair

A helicopter lowers a drilling rig on to a Port Hills

It appears the sky is the limit for settling Port Hills insurance claims.

30 homes in anti-liquefaction pilot


The number of properties with increased liquefaction risk will not be known before May.

Key defends quake emergency response to CTV


The PM says emergency services "did everything they possibly could" in responding to the CTV building collapse.

Natural disaster recovery - parallels with Japan


There are deep comparisons between Cantabrian and Japanese communities fighting to recover after a natural disaster.

Finally, some action for elderly homeowners

Peggy Holdthuson

Ninety-year-old Peggy Holdthuson may now get to see her childhood home repaired before she dies.

Anderton slams cleric's call for demo

jim anderton

Campaigner Jim Anderton says Archbishop of York's call for cathedral demolition is "unqualified".

Homeowner living rough for three years

Paul Tobin

Paul Tobin's sewer has been out of action for more than three years so he uses the toilet at work.

Archbishop backs cathedral demolition

Dr John Sentamu at Christ Church Cathedral

The Archbishop of York said demolition of Christ Church Cathedral was the only option when he visited the ruins today.

Thousands wait for quake repairs

EQC, Earthquake Commission

More than 800 vulnerable earthquake claimants are still to be fully settled by insurers.

Peggy, 90, wants home fixed before dying

Peggy Holdthuson

Peggy Holdthuson, 90, has discovered her insurer had 'no idea' of her home repair claim.

Insurance service tackles 80 cases

Mike Coleman at Southern Response protest

Mike Coleman is promising to tone it down in his new role heading the Canterbury Insurance Assistance Service.

Alf, 92, waits on tardy insurer

Alf Johnson

Alf Johnson is perplexed that he is still waiting to move out of his unsafe house. "Why am I still waiting for a new house?"

Who pays to fix structures on council land?

Crumbling retaining wall

OPINION: Retaining walls, or bridges, which cross council land rather than residential may not be covered by EQC.

Couple annoyed at quality of repairs

Dawn Spencer

EQR's paint began peeling off within a week, yet Dawn Spencer was told if she did not sign off the job her file would be closed.

Provincial Buildings gets $2.5m

Canterbury Provincial Buildings

One of Christchurch's most prominent buildings has received $2.5 million for repairs.

How safe can we afford to be?

Fire engine in floodwaters

OPINION: The lives lost in the quake were a major tragedy but the chances of being killed on NZ roads is 100 times greater than being killed in an earthquake.

Post-quake roadworks take heavy toll on buses

Bus on Tuam St

Buses negotiating post-quake roadworks will land ratepayers with an unexpected $300,000 cost.

Alpine Fault not so 'well behaved'

Alpine Fault

The Alpine Fault may have generated more large quakes than previously thought, research says.

Quake stress creates the 'new vulnerable'

Stressed, anxious man

Cantabrians in their 30s and 40s, living previously comfortable lives are a new at-risk group for post-quake stress.

Only half of red zone homes demolished

bexley rebuild

Demolition of red zone homes needs to accelerate to clear all homes on the flat by the end of this year.

How Dot's case was missed

Dot Boyd

Everyone agrees the vulnerable deserve special treatment after the Canterbury quakes. How then did an 85-year-old living in a badly damaged home fall through the cracks?

EQC 'waiting for us to die'

'Vulnerable' elderly women wait for EQC action

Marlene Naish

The boxes are still stacked up in Marlene Naish's home.

Brownlee: No evidence VIP get priority

EQC, Earthquake Commission

Gerry Brownlee doesn't know if he is regarded as a VIP by EQC because he hasn't asked.

Lotto winner couldn't buy bus ticket

Lotto ticket

The $5m Lotto winner will donate to those who helped him when he lost his home and job in the quakes.

Deal with EQC on housing gets closer

EQC, Earthquake Commission

The Christchurch City Council says it is making progress in its bid to reach a global settlement with EQC.

Thousands call for insurance advice


Top concerns facing a quake insurance advice service are scope of works, repair strategies and cash settlements.

Fraudulent quake claim payouts sent offshore

Poulomi Chaterjee

Money from a woman's four false EQC claims, totalling $37k, has passed out of reach to her family in India.

Alan Reay quits professional body

Alan Reay

Ipenz now can't impose disciplinary penalties against the boss of the company that designed the failed CTV building.

Homeowner finally gets EQC payout

Dot Boyd

After three years of waiting, EQC eventually give Dot Boyd $200k for her Aranui home.

Recovery leaders miss forum on Cera's role


Cera was absent from a community forum about its recovery role and how it will transition.

Poplar Lane owners still waiting

Lisle Hood

A lack of engineers is blamed for the 'glacial pace' of resolving insurance claims for Poplar Lane.

Homeowners to take EQC to court

EQC, Earthquake Commission

More than 120 fed-up homeowners will take EQC to court over its handling of Canterbury's rebuild.

Brownlee summons EQC chief

WANTING ANSWERS: Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee.

EQC chiefs were called to Parliament for a 'please explain' over vulnerable elderly waiting repairs.

Brownlee 'let down' by EQC

gerry brownlee

A humiliated Gerry Brownlee has apologised to Labour MPs he sledged over their workrate.

EQC asks for understanding

EQC, Earthquake Commission

Earthquake Commission says it will do better but has been faced with a disaster of inconceivable magnitude.

Major surgery for art gallery

Christchurch Art Gallery

Christchurch Art Gallery is getting "keyhole surgery" to raise the 30,000-tonne building.

Aranui pupil wins Rika scholarship

Aranui High School student Joni Palmer

Quake victim Rika Hyuga's father welcomed Aranui High School student Joni Palmer, 17, into his home and heart while presenting her with a new scholarship to visit Japan.

Answers at last for feisty widow

'Someone is finally listening to me'

 85-year-old Aranui resident Dorothy ‘‘Dot’’  Boyd

Dot Boyd is 85, stoic and staunch.

Firefighter drawn back to PGC site

Grasping the enormity of what happened

Roy Montgomery

OPINION: Volunteer firefighter ROY MONTGOMERY found himself helping at the PGC Building on February 22, 2011. On anniversaries since, he has been drawn back to the site.

Wedding for couple brought together by quake

Anna & Jamie wedding

Anna and Jamie were working in the same building in Christchurch, but didn't meet until the Feb 22 quake.

Drones film earthquake damage


Cera uses unmanned aircraft to film quake-hit homes as demolition progresses on the Port Hills.

Owner in never-ending dance with insurer

Anne McDonald

Anne McDonald is tired of dancing with insurers over the rebuild of her flat in Waltham, Christchurch.

EQC vows to clear information backlog

EQC, Earthquake Commission

The Earthquake Commission still has an "eye-wateringly huge" backlog of official information requests but insists they will be cleared by April.

Readers' ideas for earthquake memorial

Cerritos Air Disaster memorial

OPINION: My column last week on the lack of action in tidying up the CTV site triggered a strong response from readers.

Fatal site 'unsuitable for build'

Raekura Pl rockfall

A property where a woman was killed by rockfall in the quake was deemed unsuitable for building on.

Young couple want house back

Tristan and justine Cooke

When Justine Cooke began setting up a room for her new baby it did not feel permanent.

Quake rebuilds awaited by 4000

house insurance

More than 4000 Cantabrians are still waiting for insurer-led quake rebuilds with just 15 per cent of rebuilds done.

Bishop rejects cathedral compromise

Victoria Matthews

Victoria Matthews has rejected an offer of peace talks over the Christ Church Cathedral rebuild.