Vandals slash ambulance volunteers' tyres

01:51, Aug 15 2014
ambo volunteers tyres slashed
TYRES SLASHED: Volunteer ambulance officers David Madeley, left, and Rob Rae finished their late shift to find the tyres on their cars parked outside the ambulance station had been slashed.

Vandals have slashed the tyres of ambulance volunteers' private cars while they worked late at night.

Police were called to the incident opposite St John Ambulance's Kaiapoi depot in Hilton St about 12.30am today.

Long-serving volunteer ambulance officer Robert Rae, 64, said he had returned to his car at midnight after finishing a six-hour shift and found the front and back tyres on the driver's side had been slashed.

A knife had been ''thrust'' through the side wall of each tyre, Rae said.

The vandals had done exactly the same thing to two of his colleagues' cars. All three vehicles were parked on the street. 

Police said staff had attended the incident but were yet to catch the people responsible. 


Rae said it would be ''disturbing'' if the vandalism was a targeted attack against a group of ambulance volunteers.

He believed it was carried out by an opportunistic drunk.

''It's very annoying,'' he said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Christchurch police on (03) 363 7400.

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