Former ambulance driver admits sexual assault

22:08, Oct 21 2009

A former Auckland ambulance driver has admitted sexually assaulting three women in the back of his ambulance.

Aucklander James Brent Henderson, 36, pleaded guilty in Auckland District Court this week to three charges of indecent assault.

He was remanded on bail for sentencing in December, The New Zealand Herald newspaper reported.

The charges related to separate incidents over a nine-month period in 1999.

He was convicted by a jury of five counts of indecent assault in August last year, but the convictions were quashed by the Court of Appeal because of concerns raised about the judge's comments to the jury.

A new trial was ordered.

Henderson, whose name had been suppressed until now, pleaded guilty to the three new counts of indecent assault this week before the new trial was scheduled.

One victim was a schoolgirl, who said he pulled down her skirt and underwear and touched her as she lay in the ambulance, being taken to hospital with minor knee and elbow injuries.

Another victim collapsed on a Ponsonby street while jogging and woke in the ambulance to find Henderson examining her.

He exposed her breasts, making her uncomfortable, and touched them, before putting her bra and T-shirt back into their original position.