Killer: I want $5k for story

The health centre in Warkworth after the shooting.
The health centre in Warkworth after the shooting.

A man who will be sentenced this week for accidentally shooting his partner dead while posing for photos with a cut-down shotgun wants money for their infant daughter in exchange for telling his story.

Justin Paul Goldstone, 21, will be sentenced at Auckland High Court on Wednesday.

In February, he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and unlawful possession of a firearm in relation to the fatal shooting in December at their home in Warkworth, north of Auckland.

Samantha Henderson, 20, died instantly after Goldstone shot her in the head as he posed for the photos.

Approached by Sunday News for a possible interview after sentencing, Goldstone said he was prepared to speak but only for at least $5000 – to be paid into a bank account for 14-month-old Hope.

"It [being paid] would be the only incentive for me," Goldstone told Sunday News.

"I was thinking of at least five grand. It would go straight into my daughter's bank account.

"That [being paid] is the only way I would do one [an interview]."

In an earlier email, he wrote: "How much is Sunday News willing to pay for this tragic story? Assuming I accept any money will be put into a bank account that I have opened for me and Sam's daughter Hope."

Samantha's Pakiri-based parents, Rachel and Dave Beavan – now raising Hope – would not comment. Goldstone – who has a Nazi SS tattoo on his neck – was bailed to his parents' home north of Wellsford when he pleaded guilty on February 23.

During the hearing at North Shore District Court, Judge David McNaughton ordered a probation report to explore options such as home detention.

The maximum sentence for manslaughter is life imprisonment but there is no minimum.

Since being out on bail, Goldstone has got a sizeable tattoo on his arm as a tribute to Samantha. Featuring a scantily clad picture of his former partner, it was completed by a friend who took a tattoo gun to his family's rural property.

Shortly after being bailed, he said he also planned to get Hope's name and birth date tattooed around a wrist.

He said Samantha had a similar tattoo.

Goldstone also said he was working on a legal bid to gain access to Hope.

Rachel Beavan has previously been quoted as saying Goldstone and her daughter met when Samantha was two months pregnant.

But Goldstone referred to Hope as "their daughter" and said he had been with Samantha longer than that. Sunday News revealed on December 13, just nine days after Samantha's death, the young mother had captured the moment of her fatal shooting on camera.

Two sources close to the police inquiry said the gun had appeared to have accidentally discharged when she was taking a photo of Goldstone.

"The poor woman literally captured her death on camera," a source said at the time.

Immediately after the shooting, Goldstone drove Samantha to Warkworth's Kowhai Health and Medical Centre seeking emergency assistance.

When police arrived on the scene they found the young mum dead in her partner's car.

Both Samantha and Goldstone's names were suppressed until he pleaded guilty in February – which prevented Samantha's family from placing death notices at the time of the tragedy.

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