Company director with alleged arms links in court

A director of a New Zealand firm allegedly linked to arms traffickers reappeared in court today.

Lu Zhang, 28, is accused of 75 offences of making false statements in company registration forms after she declared her office address was her residence in 75 companies she registered.

She was charged after a plane loads of weapons, including rockets and grenades, from North Korea bound for Iran was seized in Bangkok last year.

The Russian-made aircraft was allegedly hired by SP Trading, which was registered with an Auckland address and listed Zhang as a director, according to the Companies Office.

In Auckland District Court today, Zhang's lawyer Frank Deliu said 55 of the 75 charges should be dropped, as he believed they were laid out of time, under the Companies Act 1993.

He believed they should have been laid within the time limit of six months, but the Crown argued the time limit was two years.

Community magistrate Jo Shiamu told Mr Deliu today's court hearing was a list court, and there was no time to make submissions today.

Mr Deliu indicated that guilty pleas would be likely to be made at Zhang's next appearance.

She was remanded on bail until her next appearance on November 8.