Two blondes, one dress - a recipe for a catfight

Drinks were thrown and blood was spilt when two blondes clashed in a bar about who looked best in a silver dress, a jury has been told.

Victoria Clapham, 22, wore the dress on a night out in central Wellington late last year. It was given to her by her friend Matthew Vibert and his mother – but she says she did not know he had previously given it to another woman.

Its first owner, Bridget Masters, 20, was Mr Vibert's former girlfriend, and sparks flew when the two blondes crossed paths in the toilets at the former Temperance Bar on November 28.

In Wellington District Court yesterday Ms Clapham denied telling Masters that the dress looked better on her. The dress is not an exhibit in court and was not photographed for the jury to see.

Ms Clapham told the jury she knew Masters and Mr Vibert had broken up but not that the dress had previously belonged to Masters.

Masters was first to throw a drink when the pair met in the toilets. Ms Clapham retaliated and threw her vodka on Masters. Masters then smashed her tall glass over Ms Clapham's head.

"It smashed into my forehead ... dragged down into my chest," Ms Clapham said. "There was blood on my face and my chest. It just went everywhere."

She needed stitches for cuts on her chest.

Masters looked horrified and shocked, Ms Clapham said.

Masters has pleaded not guilty to injuring Ms Clapham with intent to wound her.

Under cross-examination, Ms Clapham denied a suggestion from Masters' lawyer, Mike Antunovic, that she had thrown a punch at Masters.

She also denied knowing that Masters would be at the bar that night.

"I didn't know. Matt might have known," she said.

She denied advancing on Masters and said she had several drinks but was not angry or affected by alcohol.

But she agreed she had referred to Masters as a moron during a Facebook conversation.

Earlier, Masters' other lawyer, Philippa Sullivan, outlined the defence case to the jury, saying that Masters had been defending herself when she instinctively threw up her hand holding the glass in reaction to a punch from Ms Clapham.

The trial continues today and is set to finish tomorrow.

The Dominion Post