Attack on ambulance officer admitted

01:44, Jun 03 2011

A 26-year-old man has admitted a random street attack in which he knocked down an ambulance officer waiting at a bus stop and kicked him 10 times.

David James McBain, unemployed, pleaded guilty in Christchurch District Court today to assault with intent to injure, and theft.

Judge Robert Murfitt remanded him in custody for a probation report, reparation report, and sentence on July 5.

Police prosecutor Ruth Thomas said McBain was with three friends drinking in a mall carpark when he suddenly ran up to a man waiting by himself at a bus stop and punched him in the head without warning.

He punched the man a further six times and when he fell to his hands and knees he kicked him 10 times.

When the victim ran across the road to ask for help, McBain took the black satchel he had dropped containing his boots and a St John Ambulance uniform.

The victim was left with swelling and other injuries.

McBain told police he may have assaulted the man but could not remember because he was drunk.